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Trekers – The YouTuber couple who shot to celebrity status with a video of a secret World War II U-boat
Karthik S

by | 29 March, 2021 | Leave your thoughts.


Ari from Trekers, a YouTuber couple, explains how their video on a German World War II submarine shot their YouTube channel to fame. Besides, he takes us through their beautiful journey so far, and what lies ahead.

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The story of how a celebrity interviewer-YouTuber discovered his “Aha!” moment three years ago – Chris Van Vliet

Chris Van Vliet, a Hollywood celebrity interviewer, explains how putting small clips from his celebrity interviews on YouTube suddenly exploded into a huge fan following

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How a French guitarist got 2 million views on his YouTube videos – Tanguy Kerleroux

“For years, I didn’t have a video on my YouTube channel. But, when I started playing live video passionately, my audience grew manifold,” says Tanguy Kerleroux, a French guitarist.

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Two crazy features that you’ll do anything to get your hands on

We’re back with two crazy new features: 1. Adding effects to your text and 2. Adding color overlays to your images.

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“Picmaker is the best background remover,” says a DIY gadget guru, who can’t resist using it for his YouTube thumbnails

Jeff Black, host of YouTube channel, ‘ShotokuTech,’ says small YouTube channels need any advantage they can get. That’s why video titles and YouTube thumbnails are extremely to gain new viewers.

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