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A logo maker app that makes your brand look brilliant

Whether you’re a one man-army or a business brand,
choose a template from thousands of options to create stunning logos.

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The best free logo creator for a strong brand identity

No matter what your needs are, use our free logo maker to create remarkable logos that your audience will easily recall.

  • The easiest logo design templates

    Pick one from our thousands of professionally-designed logo templates for free. No matter whether you’re a freelancer or a corporate, use our unique templates to create logos that stand out.

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  • Endlessly customizable

    Our fonts, icons, and color palettes are endlessly customizable. Tweak our designs any way you want to suit your personal or business logo.

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The uncomplicated free logo generator for YouTube or for gaming and everything else

If you’re looking for a logo maker for your YouTube channel, gaming, or for just about anything,
use Picmaker to create a brand for yourself.

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  • Lightning fast software

    Our software launches your logos in minutes. Drag a picture here, drop an icon there, and you’re ready to zoom! Go ahead, try for yourself.

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  • The logo design tool that lets you download everything for free

    Our free logo maker app enables you to download your logos and designs effortlessly, for free. Download them in your favorite format - PNG, JPEG, SVG, and more.

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How to make awesome logos in 3 easy steps with Picmaker

3 easy steps- that’s all it takes

  • How to make awesome logos
  • Launch Picmaker
    Go to Picmaker and search for logo templates in the search bar.
    Choose a logo template
    Pick your favorite logo templates from the hordes of options available. Or, start afresh with a custom design.
    Edit and download
    Customize your logo design with edits that match your style. Yay! Your logo is ready for download.
6 reasons why our logo creator tool suits you

Irrespective of whether you’re looking for a logo maker tool for your gaming or your business,
here’re 6 reasons why Picmaker is the best for you.

Save time. Save money

Why hire expensive logo designers when you can create one yourself? Pick one of our templates and start your journey.

The largest icon library

Picmaker has millions of icons, illustrations, and objects to make your logo distinct. So, why look elsewhere to create stunning logos

All-in-one kit

Picmaker gives you logo templates for all your social media needs. This way, you can launch on any social platform in a flash.

All tools under one roof

Whether you need to remove backgrounds or make logo PNGs transparent, get them all in Picmaker.

Unlimited downloads

Create as many logos as you want and download as many times as you want. All for free, no strings attached.

Zero design skills needed

With Picmaker, you don’t need pro design skills to get going. All you need is your inspiration.

A free logo maker app that you’ll never want to part ways with

Picmaker presents to you a logo maker app that lets you create, manage, share, and download your logos in minutes.
Minus the clunky software that slows down your PC.

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5 Tips To Create A Memorable Logo

There are millions of logos out there, but how do you create one that lingers in the minds of your audience for long? Here’s a quick 5-step guide to get you going in your logo journey.

  • The perfect size
    Know your audience

    Does your audience consist of millennials or 60-year-olds? Do they hang out on Instagram or on YouTube? Get answers to these questions before you start.

  • Large text, fancy colours
    Pick a template

    Choose a Picmaker logo template to get started. You can explore more variations as you go along. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.

  • Arousing curiosity
    Go, experiment!

    Experiment with colors, icons, and fonts. A unique combination of all three factors will give you what you’re looking for.

  • Deliver a promise
    Less is more

    Don’t make it so intricate that people fail to notice it. Instead, create a simple yet unique logo that drives brand recall.

  • Consistency clicks
    Gather feedback

    Picmaker lets you share your designs with your co-workers and friends. This way, you can seek their suggestions on your logo design in real-time.

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
What can I do with Picmaker?

Picmaker serves all your design needs. From YouTube banners, thumbnails, graphics for all social media posts, ads, banners, flyers, to even your coffee mug stickers, we’ve got you covered everywhere. So, go ahead and take the plunge into our wide array of templates that suit your needs.

No, not at the moment you can use it only online.

Yes, Picmaker provides you tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you with your design needs.

Definitely! It means a lot to us.

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