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Create inimitable Pinterest Pins that build brand identity and drive brand recall with your audience. Picmaker’s varied collection of Pinterest Pin templates ensures your design isn’t lost among the billions on the platform.
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Increase the click-through rate of your Pinterest Pins by including stock photos in your designs.
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Unending design

It’s okay if you’re not brimming with design
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Create share-worthy content

Don’t hesitate to create content that’s quirky and has an element of surprise to compel your audience to share and amplify its reach.
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How to create a Pinterest Pin on Picmaker
in 4 easy steps?


Log in to Picmaker

Log in or sign up to Picmaker with your email address or social media account. In a single click!

Choose a template

Choose from our library of Pinterest Pin templates for individual content creators, brands, interior designers, chefs, and others.


Picmaker’s templates are 100% ready-to-use and require little customization. Include your brand colors, logos, and custom fonts (if any) to create a Pin that reflects your brand and is recognizable for your audience.


Use Picmaker’s one-click download option to download your Pinterest Pin in PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. You can also share your design directly onto your brand’s social media pages - in a single click!

Premium design templates

Picmaker’s templates are unique - a.k.a you won’t find them anywhere else. What’s more,
they are free and will power your Pinterest and other social media campaigns.
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5 Tips to create a beautiful Pinterest Pin


Know the

2:3 or 1:2.1 is the recommended image aspect ratio for your Pinterest Pin. While the ideal dimensions are 1000 x 1500 px, 600 px is the minimum width of a Pin. Remember also that vertical Pins will occupy more space and look distinct as Pins have a columnar organization.

Include images
that inspire

Ensure your images are visually appealing, so that they inspire people to save them along with their favorite Pinterest boards. Picmaker’s stock photos are just what you need to create awe-inspiring Pinterest Pins that get your audience to Pin them.


A good place to start is with your color palette and font styles that hook in your Pinterest audience and get them to engage with your Pins. But while you experiment, ensure you stay consistent with your branding to foster a followership on the platform.

Go mobile-first

As more of the audience logs in to the platform on their mobile devices, it’s imperative that your Pinterest Pins are mobile-friendly. Make sure your visuals and text content are legible. Pro tip: Adding text on high-contrast backgrounds will help your audience understand your content irrespective of the screen size.

Emphasize your

Whether it’s a product or a service, ensure that your offering is clearly displayed on the image for maximum visibility. It’s also a good idea to include a call-to-action to get your audience to engage more meaningfully with your content.
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