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A custom blog banner will help you get more clicks on your blog posts. Use our free blog banner maker to create one for yourself.

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Choose from an ever-growing list of fonts, graphic elements, and pictures to give your blog banner a unique touch. Ideate, design, and create your free blog banner without any watermark.

  • Design a custom blog header in minutes

    Your blog header will attract readers to click and read through your posts. Use our blog banner maker to create headers that get maximum attention.

    And, here’s the best part: You can use our ready-made templates to create a blog banner in minutes.

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  • Blog banners for all your needs

    Whether you run a business blog or a sports blog on the side - you can use Picmaker’s free blog banner maker for everything. Use our readymade templates to create click-worthy banners for free.

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Use Picmaker’s blog banner maker to create
stunning banners at scale

Create awesome blog banners now!

  • Add photos and crazy design elements

    Our blog banner maker gives you access to thousands of stock images and design objects for free. Choose the elements that fit the topic of your blog and the tone of your brand.

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  • Design Blog banners without any design skills

    Design skills? Nah! You don’t need design skills to make awesome blog headers on Picmaker. Choose a design that inspires you the most and set it up on your blog in minutes. If you want to let your creative juices flow, be our guest and start with a custom design.

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Design and download your free blog banner in 3 quick steps

Launch Picmaker

Open Picmaker and search for blog banner in the search bar.

Choose your template

Pick your favorite blog banner template from hundreds of options available on your Picmaker dashboard. Got images to import? Upload them in one-click.

Edit your Blog banner

Customize your blog banner with the font, colors, and graphics that suit your brand. When you’re done, download them easily.

6 reasons to use Picmaker’s free blog banner maker

Why should you choose our freestyle blog banner maker? Here’re 6 reasons that you’ll find it difficult to ignore.

Millions of stock images

With Picmaker you don’t just get a design tool. You get access to a library filled with millions of stock photos for your blog banners.

Add unique graphics

Use our frames, shapes, backgrounds, colors - anything to make a statement on your blog banners.

Distinctive designs

We care for your blogs, because we know it takes a lot to write one. That’s why all our blog header templates stand apart from the crowd.

Store designs safely

Picmaker’s cloud platform lets you store all your designs safely and securely!

Share and collaborate

Share your designs with your team members and colleagues. Get live feedback on all your blog banners.

Save your brand kit

Picmaker allows you to save your brand colors and fonts on your dashboard. Stay consistent on designs without a ton of effort.

Your creativity + Picmaker’s free blog banner maker
Mind-blowing blog banners

Create awesome blog banners now!

How to create blog banners with Picmaker?

Most blogs are never read, because they don’t have a click-worthy banner. Here are 5 steps to create stunning blog banners with Picmaker.

  • Make them curious
    Make them curious

    What’s your end goal? To enable readers to stop in their tracks and read your blog. So, create banners that make them curious enough to engage with your blogs.

  • Define target audience
    Define target audience

    The blog banner for a tech blog will be different from that of a health-related blog. So, create one that’s suited for your target audience.

  • Sync with your message
    Sync with your message

    Make your blog banner in line with the overall message of your blog. Don’t create banners for astrology in blogs that speak about rocket science.

  • Use the right color
    Use the right color

    Use the right colors that resonate with your brand. Picmaker lets you bring your brand kit on board and create banners that act as flag bearers.

  • Make them noticeable
    Make them noticeable

    Readers judge a blog by its banner. Make your banners easily noticeable with Picmaker’s fonts, sizes, and themes.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Picmaker only for Blog banners?

Picmaker serves all your design needs. From YouTube thumbnails, graphics for all social media posts, ads, banners, flyers, to even your coffee mug stickers, we’ve got you covered everywhere. So, go ahead and take the plunge into our wide array of templates that suit your needs.

Pickmaker is an easy-to-use, online editing platform for all your photo editing needs.

Absolutely! select the banner and click the resize button. Choose the various social media platform and resize the image accordingly.

Yes! Picmaker's banner maker has professionally designed banner templates for all banner needs.

Yes! you can. There are banner templates to design professional vertical banners.

Yes, Picmaker provides you tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you with your design needs.

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