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Create a solid Twitter header that speaks for you or your brand instead of 280 characters of text.

Make a strong first impression with your audience and inspire them to revisit your profile.

  • Ready-to-use design templates for everyone

    It doesn’t matter whether you have no prior design experience or have decades of it. Pick one of our easily customizable Twitter header templates and start personalizing it for use now. It’s free!

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  • Twitter headers for any use case

    Whether you’re a travel company, an event organizer, a public speaker, or a freelance graphic designer - you’ll find a ready-to-use template in our library. And it only takes minutes to customize, download, and upload to your profile!

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Make the most of our unique, free-to-use design elements, icons, photo effects, and more to add a personal touch to your Twitter header.

Design your Twitter header now!

  • Unleash the power of AI

    Designing a Twitter header has never been easier - thanks to Picmaker’s AI-powered MAD Button! Just customize the copy of your design and leave the rest to AI and MAD Button.

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  • One-click download

    Download your Twitter header in a single click in JPEG, PDF and PNG formats. It’s super-easy!

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How to make awesome Twitter headers in 4 easy steps with Picmaker?

Launch Picmaker

Log in or sign up to Picmaker with your email or social media accounts.

Choose a template

Choose from thousands of Twitter header templates based on your niche and design needs.


Customize the template copy - including your brand name, website address, email ID, phone numbers, and more. Use the power of AI-based MAD Button to switch up colors, fonts, images, and more.


Yay! Your Twitter header is ready to greet the world. Download your design in PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats.

6 reasons why you need Picmaker for your design needs
60+ resize options

Repurpose all your designs with Picmaker’s one-click resize feature.

Brand Kit

Uphold brand identity with Picmaker’s all-encompassing Brand Kit. Upload custom fonts, colors and logos, and create an on-brand Twitter header.

Vast library of icons and photos

Choose from 100 million+ stock photos and let your personality shine through your Twitter header design.

Background Remover

Use Picmaker’s AI-enabled Background Remover to enhance your photos in a single click. Remove background objects and design elements for an uncluttered, professional look!

Cloud storage

Secure all your designs on the cloud and use them anytime.

Share & get feedback

Use Picmaker’s Share feature to share your Twitter header design with a client via email to receive their feedback or ‘go ahead’.

221,547 Twitter headers have been created on Picmaker so far!

Design your Twitter header now!

Essential tips to create a solid Twitter header
  • Decide your theme and target audience
    Set the right dimension

    Before you customize your Twitter header, ensure you’re setting the right dimension. 1500x500 pixels is the standard Twitter header size to make it fit perfectly. Provide enough space around the edges of your design, so that your content is fully legible.

  • Explore our templates
    Go minimalist

    Minimalist Twitter headers are often the best - as long as they contain the essential information. They are simple and easy to understand for your audience, and legibility is not an issue when the design is minimalist.

  • Add your brand colours
    Complementary colors work best

    Complement the color scheme of your profile photo with the Twitter header and vice-versa to make it visually appealing.

  • Add your brand fonts
    Add a dash of creativity

    Creativity is essential to make your design stand out. Use space effectively to create a visual story, and your audience will remember your design and your brand for it!

  • Add names and other details
    Don’t forget your tagline

    Your Twitter header is the best place to include your tagline. It doesn’t matter whether your tagline is three words or more, design it in such a way your tagline sits seamlessly.

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Picmaker free?

You can use Picmaker for free as long as you want. Get access to thousands of professional pictures, icons, and objects. Besides, use AI-based features like background remover and MAD Button without spending a dime or moving to a different tool. But remember that a free plan has only so much to offer. So, go for a paid plan when you’re ready to scale your design needs.

No. Picmaker caters to all your design needs. From YouTube designs, facebook ads, blog banners, flyers and even stickers, we have you covered.

Of course you can! All your Twitter designs are yours forever. However, individual components such as images, icons and backgrounds cannot be used for commercial purposes. They come at their respective costs.

Yes, Picmaker provides you with tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you create the best designs for any use case.

The recommended Twitter header size is 1500x500 pixels. Check out our pre-made twitter header templates here

Yes, you can download your Twitter header for free as soon as you’ve created it. Or, you can save it on the Picmaker dashboard and download or re-design it later.

No, all designs created on Picmaker come without a watermark.

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