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Why fret when you can remove backgrounds from images online in a few clicks? Use our AI-enabled background remover to get rid of image backgrounds.

Remove backgrounds for free

Free Forever. No Credit Card Required.


Your favorite background eraser. Watch the fun
unfold before your eyes.

We’ve researched enough to make out what your picture backgrounds are made of. So, the next time you try our background eraser,
you’ll be surprised at how it intuitively removes backgrounds from your images.

  • No software download, no credit card

    Picmaker’s background remover does not come with any conditions. You can log in with your email-id and you’re all set. That means you don’t need to download clunky software, nor enter your credit card details. That’s our promise.

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  • No more wasting time or money

    With Picmaker’s background remover, you needn’t wait for designers to get to your project. Nor do you need to waste money on expensive designers. Instead, you control your pictures and their backgrounds.

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  • Choose layers to remove

    Picmaker’s background removal tool is intelligent enough to suggest you different layers and elements that you want to remove. So, you have maximum flexibility to remove a background completely or retain some portions of it as you go along.

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Picmaker - The only online background remover that enables advanced photo editing

Our background remover enables you to do a lot more than removing backgrounds from images online.
Use our top-notch photo editing tools to create images like a pro!

Remove backgrounds for free

Free Forever. No Credit Card Required.

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  • Don’t just stop with background removals

    After removing backgrounds, use our photo editing tools to blur images, alter its brightness, or add to its contrast and much more. Picmaker lets you edit your pictures in any way you want so you don’t need another software for it.

  • remove-photo-backgroung-for-free
  • Make your background-free images go pop

    Use our library of templates to insert your background-erased pictures. Whether you are looking for casual ones or for social media, our professional templates allow you to express yourself.

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  • A single platform for all your designs

    Picmaker doesn’t just enable you to remove backgrounds, it is the only design platform you’ll ever need. Create new designs, store them, or share them directly on social media - a comprehensive toolset for all your design needs.

How does it work?

3 easy steps- that’s all it takes

Upload your photo

Log in to Picmaker and upload or simply drag and drop your photos into your designs

Remove background

Click on ‘Effects’ on the top menu and then ‘Remove Background’

Add some zing

Customize your background-edited pictures to suit your needs

6 reasons why you need the world’s simplest
online background remover

Picmaker’s Artificial Intelligence-enabled background eraser removes an image background for free.
Here’s why you need it for your work.

Remove backgrounds everywhere

Whether you’re working on a scenery, letters or your pet’s picture, use our online background remover to pick portions of the background you’d like to retain or remove.

Not just background removals

Enhance your images with our comprehensive design suite. Add shapes, emojis, filters, and a lot more to make your image distinct.

Thousands of unique templates

Upload your images on Picmaker, remove their backgrounds, and use them on thousands of our unique templates. For free. Yeah, we aren’t kidding!

Store your designs safely

Whether you’ve removed backgrounds or not, use Picmaker to store your images, designs, fonts, and a lot more.

Share and collaborate

Share your images and designs with your team members. Let them know how you removed backgrounds in a few taps. Watch them go gaga over your images.

Play with our tools

Picmaker isn’t just about removing backgrounds. It lets you play with fonts, color palettes, transparency, and a lot more.

100,000 graphic elements.
Stunning background effects. Amazing picture editing.

Need a better excuse to remove an image background?

Remove backgrounds for free

Free Forever. No Credit Card Required.

Awesome tools for awesome background removal

Explore our wide range of background removal tools that enable you to breathe magic into your pictures.

  • The perfect size
    Remove everything

    Remove backgrounds, even the white ones too.

  • Large text, fancy colours
    Change backgrounds

    Apply a new background every time you remove one

  • Arousing curiosity
    Save as PNG/JPG

    Save your work as PNG/JPG images so you can use them anywhere

  • Deliver a promise
    Zoom in/out

    Zoom in or out to get it pixel-perfect.

  • Consistency clicks
    Pick where you left off

    Access all your edited pictures from your past repository

  • Consistency clicks
    Undo anytime

    Make your pictures look more intense or mute them with our saturation

  • Consistency clicks
    Share on social

    Share your work on social media directly in a few taps

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our users have to say

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best background remover?

There are quite a few background removers around, but none that can get you HD images for free. Picmaker is the only software that gives you AI-enabled background removals in a few seconds.

Sure, you can. With Picmaker, you can remove backgrounds of your photos in any browser that you prefer.

No. With Picmaker, you don’t have to download any software. Just log in to Picmaker in your browser and you’re ready to sail.

Picmaker uses AI-enabled algorithms to detect the foreground and background pixels in an image and automatically deletes the background pixels.

No. Picmaker does not leave any watermark on the background. Yay!

At the moment, Picmaker’s background remover works perfectly on PCs. However, we will launch our mobile version very soon.

Picmaker - An automatic background removal tool like you’ve never seen before

Remove backgrounds for free

Free Forever. No Credit Card Required.