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  • Aesthetic Updates - 30th August 22

    Everyone loves aesthetics.

    Not particularly fashion, but the idea of beauty.

    The blue sky, cats 🐈, dogs 🐶, and even the photos you click show the aesthetics of life.

    August is meant to give special importance to this facet (International Cat day, National Dog Day (US), and World Photo Days).

    Picmaker jumped into this sensation and released aesthetically pleasing updates.

    Right from the fresh new dashboard to colourful multiple brand kits every single update is waiting to excite you 😉

    Let’s jump in right away 👇🏻

    Fresh New Dashboard 🤩

    Picmaker Dashboard gets a fresh new look.

    Right from the search bar to templates, everything is new.

    Sign in to experience the new way to design the future.

    Finally...Multiple Brand Kit 🎨

    Are you managing more than one brand?

    Staying consistent in branding for different brands may be hard to crack.

    Don’t worry!

    Introducing Multiple Brand Kit 🥁

    Now, create more than one brand kit to level up your branding game.

    Upgrade to the starter to get 2 brand kits.

    Pro users get a max of 99 brand Kits.

    Pinch Pennies 🤑 - New Pricing

    Picmaker Pricing page gets a fresh new look.

    Not just the look, we refreshed our pricing too 😉

    Now, save 50% off on our Pro Plan and 20% on the Starter Plan.

    What more do you need to get the power, control, and customization you need to manage your team and projects?

    If you are on the free plan, it’s time to upgrade now!

    YouTube End Screen

    2 things that new YouTubers worry about are getting more views and subscribers.

    What if we tell you, these two can be driven with a straightforward trick?

    In this video, I’ve shown how to design and use YouTube end screens to get more views and subscribers to your channel.

    Drive Your Website Traffic 😇

    Pinterest drives more traffic to your website than any other social media platform. Surveys show that 87% of Pinterest users have made their purchase decisions based on the content they see on Pinterest.

    With an impressive pin that stands out, you can effortlessly drive more traffic to your website through Pinterest.

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating your Pinterest pin.

    8 Free Pinterest Pin Templates

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates❗️

  • Sweet Updates | 31st July 22

    We thrive to enjoy the sweet side of life.

    Happy are those who know “life” isn’t always sweet but “they” are!

    July is loaded with sweetness to emphasize this.

    That’s why we celebrated World Chocolate Day and Sugar Cookie Day.

    2 more reasons to eat chocolates 😉

    So what’s sweeter than chocolates?

    Yes, a good friendship!

    It was delightful to glorify our friends this month.

    Since July is so sugary, we are here with sweet updates.

    With fresh new templates, Improvements in Background Remover, and much more, these updates are really as sweet as pie.

    Let’s dive in 👇🏻

    Fresh New Templates

    Enjoy the latest and colorful social media templates added to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

    That’s not all.

    We also added fresh new flyer and poster templates.

    Check out the templates now!

    Fresh New Templates

    Background Remover with More Power

    Your favorite Background remover is redefined with AI improvements and bug fixes.

    The tool is getting cool day by day and you have one more reason to upgrade your plan 😉

    Thank us later!

    Remove Backgrounds Now

    Background Remover with more power

    Downloading is Fun

    We know you don’t want to miss downloading your design.

    That’s why the download widget is significant for us.

    We changed the download size drop-down into a smooth slider.

    Why? Because we care about our user experience.

    The design quality also got the slider UI for your accuracy.

    Check it out now!

    New download sliders

    Top 5 FREE Fonts For Designers

    This is your ultimate guide to the most popular fonts in 2022.

    Professional Designers have an eye for detail; that is why they know the importance of using a perfect type of font with a suitable size and formatting style.

    In this tutorial, we have shown the top 5 fonts used by professional Graphic Designers in 2022 and the top 3 tips to consider while designing using fonts in 2022.

    REVEALED: Best Times To Post On Social Media

    Along with designing your social media strategy, you must identify the best time(s) to post on social media to ensure your target audience consumes your content, engages with it, and your brand achieves its marketing and business objectives.

    In this article, we present you with the best time to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok.

    We’ll also provide you with tips to find the best times to post on social media for your brand.

    Your Ultimate Guide To Social Media Image Sizes

    Social media websites frequently change the way display and render content to their users.

    Social media image sizes and layouts are a big part of the updates rolled out by each channel.

    With that in mind, this cheat sheet is designed to provide you with the full, updated list of social media image sizes for all channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitch, and WhatsApp.

    Social Media Image Sizes

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates❗️

  • Nature Updates | 30th June 22

    Nature is a feature rolled out by God himself to help mankind stay connected 👉🏻👈🏻

    Just think 🤔 about it.

    We breathe the same air 🌬

    We drink the same water 💧

    We live on this ONE beautiful planet - Earth 🌎

    How thoughtful of him to connect everything together 🤩

    June was prime time to recall our deeds to our mother Earth on World Environment Day.

    We cared about Ocean 🌊 (World Oceans Day) and Wind (Global Wind Day).

    Why❓ Because we wanted to cherish our connection through nature 🍃 and protect it for our future.

    Nature constantly teaches us to grow. As we are crossing half this year, it’s time to learn from nature and keep growing 😎

    On that note, we grew with loads of features that will in turn help you to grow as a pro graphic designer 💪🏻

    Let’s dive in 👇🏻

    Distance in Numbers 🤓

    Enhance your design with numbers.

    Click on an element and press the “Option” or “Alt” key on your keyboard ⌨️

    The magic numbers 🪄 you see on your screen are the distance between the selected design element and the nearest element.

    Picmaker measures the distance from all the sides (top, bottom, left, and, right) to help you precisely position the elements.

    Say goodbye 👋🏻 to alignment issues.

    Distance in numbers

    Your recently used elements at hand…always 😇

    Ever wanted to work on design elements that you recently used❓

    Until now, when you use a template, photo, icon, background, or text, you might have found it hard to use them again.

    We get it❗️ The struggle to find the template and photo again was tiresome 🙁

    Don’t worry 😉

    Because with the latest update, your recently used templates, photos, icons, backgrounds, and text prebuilts are decked in the sidebar.

    Pretty handy eh❗️

    Recently used Templates:

    Recently used Photos:

    Recently used photos

    Recently used Objects:

    Recently used objects

    Recently used Text Prebuilts:

    Recently used Text Prebuilts

    Recently used Backgrounds:

    Recently used Backgrounds

    3 Million+ Stock Images

    Here is an exciting update for Unsplash fans 🤩

    Along with Pexels and Pixabay, you can now access 3 million+ high-resolution curated photos from Unsplash.

    You can find the Unsplash integration under the “Apps” section in the sidebar.

    Fuel your creativity and take your design to the next level ⏫ using Unsplash.

    Unsplash Integration

    Onboard Seamlessly 😇

    Are you new to Picmaker❓

    Now, it’s a walk in the park to learn the basics of Picmaker.

    Introducing “Getting Started with Picmaker” - a video series for newbies to learn Picmaker as easy as ABC 🤓

    This series features 5️⃣ videos that walk you through the platform and help you to create your first design.

    Get Started with Picmaker

    Color Psychology for Brands 🤌🏻

    Do you know why Netflix’s logo is in red 🤔

    …and McDonald’s logo is in yellow❓

    In this video, we dived deep into color psychology.

    Know the branding secrets of the most famous brands across the globe 😎

    By the end of this video, you’ll know what it takes to be a pro graphic designer 😉

    Watch now 👇🏻

    Grow FASTER ⏫ with Instagram Carousels

    We get it: driving Instagram engagement can, from time to time, become challenging.

    Experimenting with different content formats is worth a try 😇

    Instagram carousel is one form of content that’s consistently produced good results 📈 for marketers.

    It is, not to mention, also one of the most engaging and popular 😎 on the platform.

    In this blog, we present you with 15 free editable Instagram carousel templates for educational, motivational, informational, and promotional content 👇🏻

    15 Instagram carousel templates for marketing and business goals

    Ideal Facebook Covers for your Event 👇🏻

    Informing people about an upcoming company event, a birthday bash 🥳 , a naming ceremony, or any occasion that you plan to invite people to - is easier, more efficient, and may even be considered attractive.

    Courtesy of the Facebook event cover. It’s easier, too, for the invited guests to RSVP, gather information, and stay on top of the proceedings.

    In this article, we present you with 1️⃣5️⃣ Facebook event cover templates for events, ceremonies, and parties.

    The templates are fully customizable and you can announce your event/ceremony in style 😉

    15 Facebook event cover templates

    Capture Leads And Sales 🎯 - FB Ad Templates

    Getting your campaign up 🔼 and running is often the toughest part.

    That is, even if you know your audience, you have defined your ad campaign’s objective(s), and have a fixed budget 💰 to achieve your advertising goals.

    Whether your goal 🎯 is to drive awareness, encourage your audience to ‘consider’ your offer, or close a sale, you’ll find a relevant Facebook ad template on Picmaker’s library.

    Read this blog to know more about designing Facebook Ads that convert 👇🏻

    15 Facebook Ad Templates to Capture leads and sales

    Owning a Food Business? This one is for you 👇🏻

    Facebook allows you to target a specific group of people 🎯 who would probably buy your product.

    Therefore, advertising on Facebook would be a great choice for restaurants and other food outlets as they try to reach a specific target audience.

    In this article, we present a collection of 1️⃣0️⃣ easily customizable Facebook Ad templates designed exclusively for restaurant owners, pizzerias, and resto-bars.

    10 best Facebook Ad Te

    📢 Announcement: G2 Summer Report confirms Picmaker’s Success

    The official G2 Summer Report 2022 is out and guess what❓❗️

    We’ve passed with flying colors 🥳

    Picmaker has been awarded with:

    • High Performer Summer 2022
    • High Performer Asia
    • High Performer Europe
    • High Performer Asia Pacific
    • High Performer Europe
    • High Performer Small Business
    • High Performer Mid-Market
    • Easiest to do Business with - Summer 2022
    • Easiest to do Business with Small Business 2022
    • Best Support - Summer 2022
    Picmaker G2 Awards Summer 2022

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates❗️

  • Legendary Updates | 31st May 22

    What a beautiful Month! May bridges spring 🌱 and fall 🍂.

    One part of the world recovers from the freezing winter ❄️ while the other gradually walk towards winter.

    Some say goodbye 👋🏻  and others embrace it 💪🏻.

    There are a few who love this bridge because it lets them leave some stuff behind and look ahead. We call them LEGENDS 👑.

    Legends recognize laborers on May Day and appreciate their mothers on Mother’s Day.

    Not just celebrating their families on Family Day, but they dive deep into the ocean 🌊 to care about the Tuna fish 🐟 (Tuna Day).

    Since May is for legends, we are here with legendary updates.

    With a fresh new templates tab, redefined image editing tools, and much more, these updates are really Barney-style LEGENDARY.

    Let’s dive in 👇🏻

    Edit Images like a PRO 😎

    We reimagined the user interface of our image editor.

    Now, you can apply filters, tweak the brightness, saturation, and contrast, and add advanced image effects all under one roof.

    And, what’s more? All image editing tools are in the sidebar for easy access 😇

    Handy and convenient❗️

    Edit Images like a pro

    Handpicked Icon Packs 📦

    Find 15➕ handpicked icon packs under Picmaker objects.

    Each of our 100➕ premium icons has been handpicked with care.

    For our Starter and Pro users all the icon packs are absolutely FREE to use. Yaay 🥳

    So, what are you waiting for?, Upgrade to Starter or Pro to access the entire premium icons library and icon packs.

    Enjoy the icon!

    Picmaker Icons

    Find templates FASTER ⏩

    Feeling lost in the templates ocean❓

    Fret not❗️

    The templates tab in the workspace got a fresh new look 🤩

    We organized the templates into sub-categories like fitness, food, fashion, etc.

    These subcategories are available in the templates section in the sidebar.

    Thank us later 😉

    Find templates Faster

    No Limitations for Templates 🤩

    Ever loved a Facebook post template but felt like your hands were tied not to use it for Twitter❓

    We got you❗️

    No matter what dimension you choose, the templates tab in the sidebar shows all popular templates in different design categories.

    Give it a click and boom💥, the template gets resized to your chosen dimension.

    Sounds interesting, right❓

    Go, use it now❗️

    No Limitations for Templates

    Just Lock it 🔒

    You may want some design elements to be untouched. The background of a design is one of such elements.

    What if you can lock the background❓

    Yes, you can do it now❗️

    Once you click a background and a lock button appears at the top right. With that, you can lock it with a single click👆🏻

    When a background is locked, any attempt to change the background triggers a prompt ⚠️

    We promise you it’s going to be handy in many situations.

    Just Lock it

    Typography and Fun 🖊

    Using Text Prebuilts is always exciting🤩 Who doesn’t like to use templates for text❓

    We have an update that will excite you even more 😉

    Now, our Text Prebuilts come with filters.

    Filter, invitations, menu, party text prebuilts, and much more to find one that suits your design.

    Picmaker is getting easier with every update 😇

    Typography and Fun

    Play with Numbers 🔢 - Transform

    Introducing Transform for images and objects.

    No more dragging images and objects to position. With our Transform feature, you can position them with X and Y values. Talk about accuracy!

    Rotate the elements precisely to the right degree. That's not all. You can crop them by manually adding the width and height 😉

    Play with the numbers now❗️

    Play with Numbers

    Storytelling on Facebook 🌐

    According to Facebook, “With Facebook Stories, people have a place to show and express more of life’s moments as they happen, not just the highlights they post on News Feed.”

    For brands and individual content creators, Facebook Stories help drive user engagement and, as Facebook says, “inspire action” 😎

    Whether you’re a large or small brand, a Facebook Story that appeals to your audience is incredibly powerful 💪🏻

    Here are the 10 Facebook story ideas to achieve your marketing and business goals.

    Storytelling on Facebook

    A Guide for Realtors 🏢

    According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 95 percent of property buyers use the internet 🌐 to research properties at some point during the buying process.

    It shows that real estate businesses (and industry people, in general) must have a strong online presence to attract buyers and sellers.

    So what you’re planning to do❓

    Fret not❗️

    Check out these 🔟 real estate poster templates to attract your buyers.


    Twitter for Businesses 🧳

    In 2022, the number of daily active users 👥 on Twitter is 217 million.

    This makes Twitter a great platform to drive your marketing, advertising, and business goals—whatever niche you’re in.

    You may be a small business owner, an event organizer, a creative professional, or an online influencer. Twitter can help you connect with the right audience for your business.

    In this article, we provide you with unique, ready-to-use, and customizable Twitter post templates to drive your campaign goals 🎯

    Make the most of Pinterest 🌁

    Pinterest is always prioritizing fresh pins over old ones❗️

    You need to publish a minimum of 1 to 2 fresh pins every single day❗️

    But, if you are stuck at your computer 💻 for hours, trying to create fresh pins to post on Pinterest, you’re doing it all wrong ❌

    Posting fresh pins on Pinterest doesn’t have to take hours ⏳ out of your day anymore. There’s a better way to make fresh Pinterest pins fast, and this tutorial will show you how.

    In this video, we will show you the easier and quicker way to design Pinterest pins 😇

    You don’t need Photoshop ✅

    A picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes it’s not enough to convey your ideas.

    Adding text can uniquely improve ⏫ your image.

    In this tutorial, we’ll see how to add text to an image without breaking a sweat.

    Watch the video till the end, because we're sharing 5️⃣  tips that you must know to design with types on images.

    Promote 📈 your Business with Flyers

    If you are looking to create a promotional flyer for your business in 2022 you'll need to consider asking these questions: 

    • What makes a good flyer❓ 
    • What should a promotional flyer include❓ 
    • What makes a promotional flyer stand out❓ 
    • How to maximize the design impact of a professional flyer❓

    We’ve answered all of it in this video 👇🏻

    Your Frequently asked questions answered

    Can I maintain margins while designing on Picmaker?

    An image that neglects using margins - is a mess.

    It looks rushed and communicates that you don't care about what you are selling. It all boils down to 1️⃣ simple thing: If you don't care, why should your audience❓

    This is why we have our Margin Feature to rescue you from such fiascos. Think of it this way: it i  as simple as using a box shape to give us a boundary to work to.

    Can I link my Picmaker design to an external website?

    You can now add a hyperlink 🔗 to your text, pictures, icons, or elements within your Picmaker design❗️

    No need to open a new tab and manually type a link. No need to scroll through numerous slides to show a reference.

    Just add hyperlinks to any design element in your artboard.

    Yes, it's that easy. ANY design element❗️

    Does Picmaker have a Print Bleed option?

    With our hottest new update, you can now activate Print Bleed on Picmaker.

    Print bleed is the part of the document 📄 that’s beyond the trim edge of the page. It’s ⅛ of an inch, serving as an allowance for potential cutting misalignments.

    If you don’t add this allowance, you’ll risk having white gaps on the edges of the final product.

    Think of it as a universal instruction to cut off until this part of the document, leaving no white gaps to the edge of the paper. Also, this serves as a guide for the designer itself to extend the image or elements of the design beyond the trim line.

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates❗️

  • Resurrect your design soul | 30th April 22

    April was all about resurrection.

    We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ 😇

    On Earth Day 🌎, We remembered to resurrect our planet Earth from pollution and deforestation. 

    The groundhogs, lemurs, and squirrels resurrected themselves from hibernation.

    So what’s next❓

    It depends.

    Some people plan to live a new life ahead. Others try to uplift their existence.

    But,  what do the legends do? They check what’s new on Picmaker.

    For those of you who are excited, here comes the latest updates to resurrect your design soul 👇🏻

    Love to Resize ❤️

    We know you love the “Resize” feature. 

    Who doesn’t love a feature that simplifies the effort to resize designs for different social platforms?

    And you know that we deliver more on what you love the most.

    So here is the major update on the Resize feature.

    Now you can preview how your design looks in different dimensions.

    Resize UI Update

    That’s not all. Feed your custom dimension and it’ll be saved in the widget to use next time.

    Resize Custom Size UI

    Go check it out and resize your designs like a walk in the park!

    Captions for Creative Creators 😎

    Memes, Memes, Memes!

    Memes rule the internet 🌐 And a meme without a text caption is just a template.

    Previously you had to add a shape beneath a text to make it look like a caption. We know the struggle and this update puts a smile on meme creators.

    Now “Text Caption” is available in the Text section:

    Text caption from the side bar

    Text captions with different background colors:

    Text captions with different background color

    Not just meme creators, but it can be used in various other design categories too:

    Text captions youtube thumbnail

    Ultimately, it’s all about your creativity.

    Unleash it now!

    Create your own stickers 🖌

    Sticker lovers raise your hands‼️

    We have released fresh new sticker templates for you. Customize the templates and design your own stickers to turn heads.

    From labeling to marketing, use it to show off your business or art.

    Browse the templates now!

    Create your own stickers

    Also Read: 5 Powerful business use cases of Stickers

    Celebrating Mothers

    Who is the strongest person in the world?

    One of the top blogs in the world says that it’s the powerlifter - Zydrunas Savickas.

    But, we doubt it. It’s not that we are inviting Zydrunas to wrestle with us. Sometimes strength is not just measured physically.

    Nothing can be compared with the strength of a mother. Because her strength is combined with kindness and compassion. 

    Wish your mother “Happy Mothers’ Day” with freshly released Picmaker templates.

    Mother's day 2022 design templates

    Turn heads with Billboards

    Hello Marketers and Business Owners!

    Some brands never advertise but are successful in the market. To name a few, Lamborghini, Zara, and Tupperware.

    But, for most brands, advertisement is the critical part of their success like Nike, Coca Cola, and, Red Bull. Some of them use billboards to get their message across.

    That’s why we bring you Billboard templates. Now, you’ve got the whole billboard to yourself!

    Turn heads with billboards

    Watch this space for fresh and creative billboard template updates.

    Banners…but portable

    Why do marketers prefer Retractable Banners?

    They are portable - you can literally roll it and take it anywhere you want. They are cost-effective - high-quality appearance at an affordable price. 

    They are durable - you can expect the graphics on the banners to last long with durable materials.

    So what are we trying to say?


    Along with Stickers and Billboard templates, we’ve released a new design category for Retractable Banners.

    One more reason to love Picmaker ❤️

    Retractable Banners

    Be a search guru 🔎

    Finding the right website on Google needs expertise.

    It’s the same for design templates.

    Picmaker search bar is a powerful engine that helps you to find the right design template. Search filters add more power to the search bar.

    To make it even more powerful, we have launched 170+ new subcategories added as filters in our templates page.

    Let’s say you want to design an Instagram story for an event. Just click on the “Event” filter under the search bar.

    This applies to many design categories like YouTube Thumbnails, Facebook posts, Presentations, and so on.


    Dynamic templates sub categories

    Know your size

    Posters have been in use for several centuries.

    Whether it was for wartime propaganda in the early 20th century or as a medium to sell products and services, posters have consistently been a popular choice for advertising.

    This blog can help you to choose the right poster size depending on the areas of application.

    7 standard poster size and areas of application

    Compete with big eCommerce giants 🛒

    Very few eCommerce store owners often think marketing is more refreshing than new stocks. 

    It's something you learn when you launch your store, right? 

    Or maybe your parent's garage business has been around long enough that you feel like a marketing savant. 

    Either way: you know what you're doing, and you can't wait to show the world.

    But in most cases, things don’t always work out the way you plan.

    In this article, we’ll discuss the steps for a successful ecommerce marketing campaign.

    ecommerce design

    Entertain Your Audience 🕶

    Driving engagement on your Facebook posts can be challenging. 

    Even if your social media marketing budget is high and you have a dedicated team of social media marketers creating and posting content on Facebook, engagement might be elusive.

    Don’t worry!

    In this blog, we added 10 Facebook engagement post ideas to educate and entertain your audience.

    Facebook post ideas

    Say goodbye to boring Spotify playlists 🎶

    Playlists are an integral part of your Spotify experience.  You may have tons of your own playlists that you listen to every day.

    And those Spotify Playlists are even better if you use your own playlist cover image to show them off. 

    Yes. Spotify now lets you create a custom cover art for any playlist that you create So, why don't you give your Spotify playlists a unique touch? 

    In this video, we’ll show you how to design your own playlist Cover Image, find the right art size,  how to change your Spotify cover image,  and best practices to gain more reach.

    Present like a Pro 😎

    Your speech may be perfect. But have you ever find hard to connect with your audience.

    If yes, you need to take a second look at your presentation.

    In this video, we’ll share with you 21 design hacks that will help you ace your next presentation.

    Your Frequently asked questions answered

    How can I get a receipt for my purchase?

    You can easily generate invoices for any of your orders through the Picmaker Account portal.

    From the dashboard, click on the settings icon, and select the Account settings.

    You can check all your payment receipts in the billing section of your account settings.

    How do I compress a design on Picmaker before downloading it?

    Compressing a file’s size can be quite daunting, especially to newbie designers. 

    However, as Picmaker is so intuitive, you need not worry much about the technicalities of this process.

    Once you're done designing, click on the Download button, and scroll down to select the Compress File option. 

    In just a snap of a second, you can choose to compress the file before downloading.

    Can I move a design directly to the desired folder?

    De-clutter and manage your content all in one place - now live from your artboard as you edit your designs. 

    From the File Menu on your Artboard, select Move to Folder, select the folder that you want to move the design to, and click on Done to finish. 

    It’s that easy.

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

  • And the Oscar For the Best Design Product goes to… | 31st March 22

    Wow! What a start to the week we’ve had! The 94th Academy Awards featured so many firsts:

    Will Smith getting his FIRST Oscar (How did he miss out on it all these years!) 👏

    Jane Campion becoming only the third woman director to win the award (Seriously?!) 👩

    And, with  CODA becoming the first OTT movie to win - OTT finally seems to have come of age.  🎥

    If only there was an Oscars for DIY Design, we wonder what would Picmaker have won. 🤔

    We’d probably win the Oscars for the most frequent feature releases 🤣

    On that note, here we go!.

    Famous Fonts to Become Famous

    Design is meaningless without text. Text is faceless without fonts.

    We know its importance. So, guess what? We have updated our fonts library with 30 NEW POPULAR FONTS in the design world.

    Starting from the pro version of Source Sans to the elegant Slabo, let your design shine with the top fonts.

    Popular Fonts in the world

    Size Doesn’t Matter

    We know how you were clueless to create a custom-sized design without templates. That must be exhausting. Designing something from scratch is always backbreaking.

    Heave a sigh of relief, because we have a solution for that.

    Picmaker suggests relevant templates for your custom-sized designs. The templates are easily discoverable in the sidebar. 

    Go explore them now!

    Custom Size Templates Suggestion

    Text It

    The text tab is the one-stop solution for all your typography needs. It holds your brand fonts for heading, subheading, body text, text prebuilts, and your custom fonts.

    The tab is now compact and easy to use. This new user interface helps to quickly access your text brand elements. 

    Try it out!

    Text Tab Improvements

    Don’t Skip Ads

    2.56 billion users. That’s how many people you can potentially reach with YouTube video ads.

    YouTube is a goldmine for businesses and marketers to build brand awareness, scale traffic numbers, and maximize conversions. So, if you want to kick-start your first YouTube ad campaign or re-launch your previous ones, there’s no better time than now.

    This blog will walk you through six proven tips to create killer YouTube video ads that entice your viewers and nudge them to take action.

    Getting Lost?? We Got You!

    In the 21st century, digital platforms contribute significantly to tracing a missing person, a missing cat, or a missing dog. Digital is not the only medium to track down a loved one, but word spreads fast on social media, messenger apps, and short messaging services (SMS).

    Here is a collection of posters to help you fast-track your search for a missing person or a missing pet.

    Missing poster examples


    A football poster helps promote a big-ticket fixture, unveil a soccer player signing for a club team, announce a soccer-based event, or advertise a summer camp for different age groups.

    For example, ahead of the last edition of the football world cup in Russia, FIFA -  the sport’s international governing body - unveiled the official tournament poster featuring Lev Yashin, a legendary goalkeeper of the Soviet Union. Pity they didn’t use Picmaker! 

    Source: Pinterest

    Whether you’re looking for a poster to promote your football academy, an upcoming match involving two teams, or generate buzz for a football event, you’ll find your poster inspiration here.


    Football Posters

    Showoff on Social media

    Did you know that social profiles with a profile picture receive 14 times more views than those without one? Moreover, with a professional profile picture, you are 36 times more likely to receive a message.

    Besides, your profile picture is key to your personal brand and online networking. 

    And fixing it is a one-time action that gives you lasting benefits.

    Watch this detailed video that shows you how to make an awesome profile picture from any photo in minutes.

    Unfold your Brand Fonts

    Brand fonts decide the personality of your brand. Your brand fonts should be easily reachable to use without any hiccups.

    In this quick tutorial, let’s see how to add your brand fonts to the brand kit.

    Memes Everywhere

    It’s safe to say that memes have taken over the internet. They have become a popular way to successfully but subtly propagate a brand’s message to the masses. 

    Don’t miss watching this video that shows how to use meme marketing for your business in 2022.

    Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

    Do you use Picmaker to design graphics and at times just want to download a particular page or slide and you end up saving every page to your device?

    Our hottest new update at Picmaker allows you to do just that.

    We now have Specific Slide Download, with which you can choose to download a specific slide from your presentation design.

    You can now add a hyperlink to your text, pictures, icons or elements within your Picmaker design!

    No need to open a new tab and manually type a link. No need to scroll through numerous slides to show a reference.

    Just add hyperlinks to any design element in your artboard. Yes, it's that easy. ANY design element!

    Flipping an image in Picmaker is easy, and can be done with a couple of clicks. We have over 100 Million stock images to choose from. And when it comes to customizing them, there's an abundance of choices.

    You can flip an image horizontally or vertically or both!

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

  • Updates as sweet as (Pi)e - 15 March 2022

    Last week we thanked all the incredible women out there in the world who’re crushing it💃. If you haven’t watched our video for International Women’s Day, then shame on you! 😄 Just kidding, watch it here.

    Did you know that 14 March is Pi Day? 𝛑 Well, what the hell is that? Ask the math lovers. Because the value of Pi can never be calculated. Yes, it is rounded up to 3.14, but it is, actually, infinite. Like our love for you. ❤️ And, it was also Albert Einstein’s 143rd birthday. 

    We care about you more than the math lovers care about Pi. How do we show that? With feature updates 🥳

    Enjoy the exciting updates of this Fortnight 👇

    Pick what you want 🧐

    Have you ever been in a situation when you download all the slides in a presentation and notice that one of the slides needs to be reworked? 😅

    That pain is real. What’s even worse? Downloading all the slides just for the sake of one. 

    We get it. We always feel the pulse of our users. So, here we go.

    Introducing “Specific Slide Download” 🥁. Now you can choose to download a specific slide from your presentation design. 

    That’s not all. You can also set a range to download - like 1 to 6 slides. This way, you can present only your finished designs. 

    The download section is getting advanced 🚀 over time. And we are happy to bring a lot to the table.

    Specific Slide Download

    Suit up…Oops…Link up 🔗

    What if the design elements like objects and text can be linked 🔗 to a website or another slide? Fun, isn’t it? 

    No need to open a new tab and manually type a link. No need to scroll through numerous slides to show a reference.

    Just add hyperlinks to any design element in your artboard. We said it right. ANY design element!

    Interlink for better reference 😇


    Templates say “Search Me” 🔍

    Picmaker template search bar is a powerful engine that helps you to find a relevant design from thousands of templates. You know that.

    The search bar is now available inside the workspace 🥳. You can find the right template for your design right from the sidebar.

    It’s handy and extremely helpful if you change your mind to choose a different template while designing. And, we’re working on making it even better!

    In-app templates search

    Money Money Money 💸

    We launched our affiliate program last month to support our users and influencers to make money using Picmaker. We are excited 🤩 to see that many are making the best use of it.

    In case you need a hand to join our affiliate program, here is a detailed blog that shows you how to register, a deep view of the commission structure 🤑, and eligibility.

    A guide to becoming a kickass affiliate with Picmaker

    Talent Acquisition 1️⃣ 0️⃣ 1️⃣

    Recruitment in 2022 is a challenge of many sorts for talent acquisition. 

    Shifting candidate expectations and pandemic-related challenges 😷 have accentuated the need for recruiters to be adaptable.

    A well-defined job advertisement links recruiters to the most appropriate job seekers. It is the first step in the process of attracting the right talent.

    Here are the 11 hiring poster examples that draw candidates’ attention to a vacancy.

    11 Hiring Poster Examples For Sales, Marketing, IT Positions & More

    Design in Colors 🎨

    You might have heard the term “Color palettes” while working with colors.

    But what is a color palette❓

    An inevitable tool in the graphic design world that you must know to become a pro designer 👑

    Where to learn and how long it takes to master the tool? - Just 2 minutes.

    Watch this quick tutorial on how to create a color palette in Picmaker.

    Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered ✅

    Yes! You can be more aware of the design's elements, their dimensions, and placement with our hottest new feature - the ruler.

    Considering different screen resolutions is a pro tip to present your design flawlessly. Now you can double, triple, and quadruple the resolution while you download the design with Picmaker! 

    When it comes to aligning things on a page and you have an element selected, you can always enable Guides from your artboard settings in the File menu. 

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

  • Bye Bye Palindrome | 01 March 2022

    Yay! We have successfully passed the shortest of 2022 🥳

    We even witnessed a Palindrome day (22-02-22) 🔁 and an ambigram - both rolled into one - that too in the month of love. 🤟 The fun was real. The next palindrome is going to be only on 03 Feb 2030 (03-02-2030). So, hell yeah!

    And to add more mirth to it, here are the awesome feature releases that we rolled out in the second half of February. 

    From ruler and guidelines to multi-size downloads, we have given more power to you that helps to take your designs to the next level 😎

    P.S. A palindrome is a word that reads the same forward and backward. An ambigram is any text that can be read anyways - straight, inverted, and mirror image. 😎😎

    Ruler 📐 of the Graphic Land 

    Are you concerned about the placement and size of elements in your artboard 🤔? Don’t worry!

    Here comes the ruler of the graphic land. Measure 📐 the size (width and height) of elements using two rulers (top and left). 

    To show the ruler, check out the “Artboard Settings” in the file menu.

    Picmaker Ruler

    Guide-lines ⎸⎹ to Guide You

    We didn’t stop just by adding the ruler to the artboard. Sprinkling more spice to a feature is our habit 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Introducing Guides - An exciting feature that comes in handy with the ruler 😎

    Drag out guides from the ruler to perfectly place elements on the artboard. Enables ✅ guides from the “Artboard Settings” in the File menu.


    Here’s to the REAL Architects of Society 💃🏻

    Some people might be planning gifts 🎁 for the women in their lives, some might be preparing for that speech 🎙 at a Women's Day conference, marketers or advertisers will be planning their campaigns.

    We, too, have prepared for Women's Day! 💃🏻

    We've stocked our library with a fresh collection of templates across all major categories (posters, flyers, social media, etc.) and they are free and ready to use NOW! 🥳

    Womens Day Templates

    Wish the luck of Irish with Fun 👒

    Go green this St.Patrick’s day with fun-loaded posters, flyers, social media posts, and much more. Plan the day in advance to chase the rainbows 🌈 and the luck of Irish. 

    Don’t miss to check out our templates library for easily customizable St.Patrick’s day design templates.

    St.Patricks Day Templates

    Download 📥 in Multi-size - 1x to 3x

    Considering different screen resolutions is a pro tip to present your design flawlessly. Now you can double, triple, and quadruple the resolution while you download the design 🎉

    Take control over your design download along with a compressed file and transparent background.

    Multi Size Download

    Between Grouping and Ungrouping

    Grouped components never stop you from deleting the individual elements from now on. 

    Previously, you needed to ungroup the components to a single element. Now, we have added an option that lets you delete any element that you don’t want in a group 😇

    That option is just a click away!

    Delete Element from Group

    ❤️ for “Drag and Drop”

    You probably use Drag-and-Drop in your everyday interfaces. And we thought, `Why can’t we add it to your custom fonts? 🤔. We always strive for ease of use and draggable fonts will level up the game.

    Now you can drag and drop the custom uploaded fonts to the artboard. 

    Drag n Drop

    WATCH: How to upload a custom font in seconds

    Women’s Day Templates for Engagement & Conversion

    Marketers must be clear about their Women’s Day campaign goals. 

    Is it about engagement with the social media audience, alerting potential customers about a limited-time offer, a Women’s Day-centric event that helps with brand building?

    We have put together this detailed blog so you know how to make the best of Women’s day templates in Picmaker.

    Women's day campaign templates

    Keep your Logos Handy

    Logo is the first element that supports your brand identity.

    Managing and using multiple versions of logos is a hiccup in graphic design.

    We know the struggle and that’s why we created this quick tutorial about “How to add a logo to your Picmaker Brand Kit”.

    LinkedIn - Not just for Job Seekers

    LinkedIn is still one of the hottest professional networks in 2022, It is your professional landing page.

    Design it right and you can leverage your LinkedIn profile to supercharge your business or job prospects.

    Watch this detailed video to learn in’s and out’s about LinkedIn and how you optimize it to get the most out of the platform.

    Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

    You can add a new member to your team at any point in time - just make sure that the workspace isn't filled up to its maximum capacity just yet.

    They say that “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” and here at Picmaker, we couldn’t agree more—which is why we make it easy to collaborate and share your designs.

    As long as you have an access to edit it, you can use our cool new Present feature to present your designs to an audience.

    Bug Fixes and Enhancements

    • We squashed the bug that disabled the use of filters and adjustments on collages. Now, there’s nothing to stop you from enhancing your images, no matter where they are placed😉
    • Pixabay fans, this bug fix is for you. Now you can seamlessly use the stock images from Pixabay. The image blur issue has been resolved. Cheers!

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

  • Love is in the Air (Design) | February 15, 2022

    We knew it! Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in a tight game to win Super Bowl LVI. In a game that wasn’t decided until the dying moments, the Rams secured victory to seal the deal on their second Super Bowl title after 1999.

    Phew, what a way to start the week! 💪

    Elsewhere, it has been a busy February for us so far. We’ve been developing new features every day to make you keep coming back for more.

    So, let’s roll! ⛸

    Let’s make money together- Picmaker Affiliate Program

    First up, we’ve got you the ‘Feature of the Fortnight.’ Aaaaaand that is - Yay! We’ve launched our affiliate marketing program.

    So, for those of you who’re interested in selling a fabulous DIY Design product here’s your ticket to glory - Picmaker’s affiliate link!

    Go ahead, tell your audiences about Picmaker, and you stand a chance to win tons of dollars in commissions. 🤑🤑🤑

    We’re putting together a detailed blog on how to get enrolled in Picmaker's affiliate program, so watch out for that.

    Meanwhile, feel free to book a one-on-one demo with us to know how you could use Picmaker, and sell it as an affiliate too!

    Picmaker Affiliate Program

    Show me the money, Oops, margins!

    Remember how you got rapped on knuckles for not maintaining margins while writing?

    Well, that’s why we brought Margins to Picmaker. Now, you know where to draw the margins for your designs.


    I don’t bleed in war, neither in peace 😜 - Print Bleed

    Staying on the lines of margins, we’ve also gotten you the Print Bleed feature.

    We know it is near impossible to print exactly to the edge of the paper.

    That’s why you can use Picmaker’s Print Bleed to print your designs on oversized papers and cut it to size while your design ‘bleeds off the paper.’ 

    Print Bleed

    We love to chat 👋 - Chat inside the Picmaker app

    So many of you reach out to us every day, and we love you for that.

    That’s why we’ve enabled you to chat with us whilst you’re working on your artwork. Go on, fire away - bring us all your queries, and we’re glad to help you out.

    Picmaker Chat Support

    Compress your designs

    Well, it’s not just compression pants that are in vogue. Picmaker’s ‘Compress File’ feature is becoming famous too. 😆

    Now, you can compress your designs and reduce their file sizes while downloading.

    (Your computer memory will thank you for that!)

    Compressed Download

    Just Flip It 🔁

    No matter the type of design elements. Be it a frame or a collage.

    Just flip it. Now you got the control of changing the orientation of frames and collages.

    We are happy to bring you more options to unleash your creativity. 

    Flip Collages and Frames

    One more option to stay organized - Move to Folder 📁

    Being organized is being in control. But steering clear of an unorganized workspace is tiresome in graphic design.

    We get it. And what do we do about it?

    Here comes the option in the File menu to move your design directly to your desired folder from the workspace. So, no more clutters, no more chaos!

    Move to folder

    Text Prebuilts have become clever 🧠

    We talk about our AI-based MAD button which suggests different unique designs.

    The intelligence is not just limited to the MAD button.

    Now, Text Prebuilts change the text color automatically based on the background. The text changes to white for the dark background and black for the light background.

    Save time and spend more on creativity!

    Text Prebuilts Color Change

    Picmaker is ranked 20 in G2’s Top 50 Design Products 2022 🏆

    For all those of you wondering how old Picmaker 2.0 is, here’s a fun fact.

    We’ve just completed one year, and to celebrate that, G2 surprised us with a sweet announcement - we were ranked #20 in G2’s Top 50 Design Products of 2022.

    The award is determined by G2’s proprietary algorithm that is based on verified user reviews on G2 and publicly available market presence data. They further explain how their algo works:

    “​​G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm (v3.0) to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real-time.”

    Nevertheless, we’re over the moon to win this award. It goes to show that if you keep your heads down and keep your users/customers happy, anything’s possible.

    Picmaker G2 Award

    Love is in the air? 💕 Valentine’s Day Design Templates

    February is the month of love. That’s why we’ve got you covered with our newest launch of hundreds of Valentine’s Day design templates.

    Whether it is for your partner or your pooch, we’ve got all the designs that you have ever longed for.

    What are you waiting for? Give it a try, and we’re sure you’d be delighted.

    Valentines day new templates

    Posters for Picassos 😋

    Who said only Picasso's could create posters?

    With Picmaker, anybody could be a Picasso. And, anybody can design a poster.

    Our Product Marketers swear by it, and that’s why they’ve created this detailed tutorial about ‘How to design the perfect poster.’

    Advertisement Poster for all Ad pros 🧐

    Are you looking to create swanky advertisement posters that get people gaping at them?

    Well, you’re in the right place.

    We put together this detailed blog so you know how to create an advertisement poster from scratch - advertisement poster examples.

    Advertisement Poster

    That’s it for this fortnight, folks. Until next time! ✌

  • Just a month, lots of updates | January 31, 2022

    Let's bid goodbye to the first month of 2022 with some exciting updates!

    Stepping into the new month needs new templates and special features.

    Let's dive into the updates now.

    Text Direction ⬆️ ⬇️ ➡️ ⬅️

    Now you can add text from right to left, left to right, and top to bottom.

    Watch out for the ability to use Arabic and Japanese fonts.

    LinkedIn Integration 🔗

    Are you building your brand on LinkedIn? Or, are you using LinkedIn to get the best tips on sales, marketing, and probably some life lessons? 😎

    Well, we’ve got you covered there. LinkedIn’s algorithms love it when you create content along with graphics/videos. So, in this update, we’ve introduced the LinkedIn Share feature, in addition to Facebook and Twitter. Now, you can seamlessly share your design in a single click on your favorite social platform(s).

    Book a Demo

    Feel lost while using Picmaker? Fret not.

    Book a demo and get a free tour of Picmaker. Learn to use our AI-powered features such as the MAD Button and Background Remover and get the most out of our platform.

    You can book a demo from the Picmaker dashboard:

    Another place where you can book a demo is from the workspace:

    New Templates - Yay, yay, yay!!!

    And, like we always do, we’ve added tons of new templates across Twitter, Tumblr, stickers, and other different categories so you never run out of design ideas.

    Bug Fixes & Enhancements

    • There was this squishy bug that was gulping all your brand templates. We’ve now captured it and put it in a bottle.  Watch this tutorial to know how to use our brand kit.
    • We love curved text and so do you. Now, we’ve made it even better so it has the right amount of curvature. 😂

    Stay tuned for more updates. Cheers!

  • Harvesting the new features | January 15, 2022

    Hey folks, it is the celebration of the harvest season in India, and we’re busy harvesting newer features - like we’ve always done for you.

    Let us dive right into it then.

    Co…Coll…Collage Maker

    Every one of us has a story to narrate. And, it is even better when you express it with collages.

    Our free online collage maker helps you narrate stories in a unique way and grab your audience’s attention.

    A collage for every emotion

    How amazing would it be if you could create a collage for each emotion you experience?

    Picmaker empowers you with a wide range of them - photo grid, classic, professional, casual, artistic, and more.

    Every tool you need to design a perfect collage

    Use Picmaker’s extensive toolset to polish your images until you’re satisfied.

    You can crop them to any size you need, make them transparent, add filters, and do so much more.

    Additional Reading/Viewing

    Your custom fonts at your fingertips🖐

    Manage all your custom fonts in one place. We’ve introduced a section for fonts that you’ve uploaded.

    (P.S.: Don’t forget that this is a paid feature in Picmaker. There are tons of things you could do with our paid plans. Choose one here!)

    Keep tab on your premium image credits

    If you’re a paid user, you’re probably looking behind on how many image credits you’ve got in your kitty. 

    Now, track your premium image credits seamlessly in one place.

    Bug Fixes & Enhancements

    • There was this itchy bug that broke the curved text selection while changing the font size. We’ve now tickled it to an end. The last time we noticed, it was scurrying away.
    • And yes, we know you like your images library at your fingertips. That’s why we have now fixed the scratchy bug that was causing it to load slowly.

    That’s all folks! See you around later.

  • Goodbye 2021 | December 31, 2021

    Spotify says our favorite song of 2021 was Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License.” Damn, Spotify seems to know all that we listen to under the shower!

    The year’s drawing to a close and all of us want to review/preview our year. That’s why one of the top features this week is our ‘Preview Slides’ - it lets you review or preview your designs - all in one go.

    Let us dig into it now.

    Preview Slides in a single window 👀

    Creating multiple designs in one deck? Nice work! 👏  What you need is the ability to look at them all at once. Now, view all your design slides in a single window. 

    What’s more? You can duplicate, delete, and create a new slide from one place.

    It's time to design your own templates 🥳

    Looking to start a business in design? Nice idea, go for it! We’ll be rooting for you from the sidelines. 🙌

    But, you know what you need for your design business to flourish? You need a way to share them and make money.

    That’s why we’ve enabled you to design your own templates and share them with your clients, friends, and colleagues. 

    The “Use as template” feature creates a copy of your design and allows others to edit as a template.

    Bug Fixes & Enhancements

    • A creepy crawly bug was causing the dragging-and-dropping of images onto your designs a little difficult. We’ve now sent it to the savannah grasslands in South Africa. 
    • We heard you. The struggle of adding custom fonts to grouped objects is over. Now you can add your own fonts and group them flawlessly.

  • Legendary Updates | December 15, 2021

    Let’s admit it: At some point in our school days, all of us started a presentation with “So, yeah…!” Whatever that meant, it surely helped oversee the giggles of our classmates.

    Our top feature for this fortnight is the ‘Present with Picmaker.’

    Let us dive right in.

    Awestruck your team with Present 😎

    Use Picmaker’s ‘Present’ feature to present your design to your team and clients, and save precious time.

    Pssst. The next time someone asks you to do their presentation, you know how to present them - with Picmaker, of course!

    Additional reading: We spent an entire weekend writing a blog on how to present with Picmaker. So, please for the love of God, read it! 😄

    Shhh….Share your design

    Collaborate on your designs with friends and colleagues, and create a true masterpiece. Invite people to your workspace using their email IDs, and they’ll be able to view your work or work along with you.

    Pexels and Pixabay Integration 🔗

    Apart from stock photos collated from the world’s best stock image platforms, you can now choose specific libraries as you deem necessary.

    Bug Fixes & Enhancements

    • We’ve enhanced the duo tone image effect so your images appear even more classy.
    • There was this teeny weeny bug that was disabling the replace button on SVG and brand logo images. We’ve asked it to vacate and build its house somewhere else. Fixed a bug that disabled the replace button on SVG and brand logo images

    That’s all folks! We’ll be back next fortnight with even more updates.

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