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Don’t design with one tool and schedule your posts with another. Use Picmaker Social to design and schedule effortlessly - all inside one platform. Become a smart marketer today!

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Add your social media platforms to your scheduler

You can add multiple social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc…

Add the graphics, content & hashtags for your posts

Import all your graphics directly from Picmaker without a hassle. Add your copy, hashtags and post to all your social media accounts from one location.

Select a date & time to schedule your posts

Choose a date & time to schedule your posts and just like magic, they will be posted to your social media accounts.

Preview it for final checks & upload it.

Get a preview of your posts to understand how they will look after it goes live. Create stunning looking posts consistently.

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Who can use Picmaker Social?

I am a freelancer and I want to manage multiple social media accounts
I am a founder/ business owner and I want to grow social media channels of my brand
I am a social media marketer and I need to managing multiple social media accounts in my organization
I am an agency owner and I want to post consistently on all the social media channels belonging to my clients
I am a community manager and I want to manage the posts in various groups and brand accounts
I am a non-designer and want a design tool, scheduler in one place

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  • One home for all your social media accounts

    You can add all your social media accounts from Instagram to Pinterest on Picmaker’s scheduler. Now you can schedule all your social media posts from one place like a pro.

  • Dashboard for all social media
  • Add graphics from multiple places

    Upload your graphics from your desktop or even your cloud providers like Drive or Dropbox. If your designs are on Picmaker, you can also directly add it from the platform (without needing to download it)

  • best software to create social media posts

Save time & money with a DIY designer and social media scheduler under one roof

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  • Tag the world on your posts

    Tagging is one of the best ways to be social on social media. With Picmaker’s scheduler you can tag other users on your posts without leaving the platform.

  • hashtag suggestion tool
  • Design and schedule in one tab

    Add your accounts, design your posts & schedule it on your social media accounts in one tab with Picmaker’s scheduler.

  • social media schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Picmaker social media scheduler free?

Yes, you can use Picmaker’s social media scheduler for free.

No, you do not need to pay separately for Picmaker and Picmaker’s scheduler. Just like designing and posting in one tab, both will be covered in one plan.

We support all social media platforms from Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to Facebook & Pinterest.