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Whether you’re a marketer who must design a marketing plan, a high-school teacher who must design a lesson plan, or a travel agency that must create a travel and tourism presentation - Picmaker’s library has you covered. Choose a suitable template, customize it, add relevant content, and download it!

Save precious time

Creating a presentation from scratch might consume 2, 3, or 4 hours of your day. With Picmaker, you can do it in ~5 minutes (or less)!

The two-in-one capability

That is, along with creating your presentation, you can also share your presentation from anywhere using Picmaker’s ‘Present’ feature.
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Gather instant feedback

You no longer need to exchange dozens of emails with your boss or colleague to finalize the design. Use Picmaker’s ‘Present’ feature to gather instant feedback and implement the changes right now! Isn’t that cool?

Perfection is not unattainable

Yes! It’s possible to pack your presentation with numbers, icons, colors, shapes, and more - and still create the most perfect presentation. Go on, give it a try.

How to create a Presentation on Picmaker in 4 easy steps?


Log in to Picmaker

Log in or sign up to Picmaker with your email address or social media account. In a single click!

Pick a template

Choose from our library of Presentation templates for business professionals, academic professionals, school and college students, entrepreneurs, and others.


Picmaker’s templates are 100% ready-to-use and require little customization. Include your brand colors, logos, and custom fonts (if any) to create a Presentation that’s consistent with your brand and recognizable for your audience.

Download or ‘Present’

Use Picmaker’s one-click download option to download your Presentation in PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. Alternatively, you can ‘Present’ your Presentation and toggle between slides using the arrow icons at the bottom after you’ve selected the ‘Present’ feature.

Presentations as visual stories

Use Picmaker’s extensive array of contextual graphic elements such as lines and graphs, gradients, shapes,
and more to turn your presentation into a visual story.
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5 Tips to deliver an awesome Presentation


Create a

Your Presentation might contain 10, 15, 20, or more slides, but the information needs to be well-organized. It should have an introduction about the subject, an explanation of why it matters, the salient features, and so on, and a final list of takeaways for your audience to round off the Presentation.

Limit text on
each slide

Your audience will have difficulty consuming your Presentation if it’s replete with blocks of text. Include no more than six to ten words of text per slide, and always use graphs, charts and visual elements to explain your findings, theories, and more.

Edit, edit… and
edit more

Until your Presentation contains only the necessary information and you are able to transition smoothly from one slide to another. Editing your Presentation is one of the keys to being able to Present effectively, without leaving your audience confused and unconvinced.

Choose a relevant
color scheme

Your Presentation design should captivate your audience - and not distract them. A relevant color scheme based on the subject of your Presentation will make it easier to follow for your audience and they are more likely to pay attention to both the presenter and consume the Presentation.

Get it reviewed

It’s always best to have a different pair (or two) of eyes review your Presentation and refine it if required. Getting it reviewed by someone (preferably a subject matter expert) will also help you get additional pointers to share and delight your audience.

Edit your Presentation anytime

Use the power of cloud to store your Presentation securely and automatically and return to complete it anytime, anywhere.
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