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Pick a poster template and edit it to match your unique needs.
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    Picmaker's poster maker lets you design stunning professional posters without any design skills. Whatever your use case, our templates library has you covered. Choose from tens of thousands of premium design templates and start customizing it as per your need.

  • All-in-one Intuitive Poster Creator

    Use our large library of fonts, icons, and color palettes to customize your poster design. Our poster maker lets you tweak readymade poster templates to your liking.

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  • MAD button - The World’s First & Only AI-powered Design Tool

    Let Artificial Intelligence enhance your poster - or help create one from scratch - with a single click of the MAD Button. Customize fonts, colors, and backgrounds of your poster for that perfect look - all in a single click!

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    Download your poster design in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG formats. Also, share your poster directly from Picmaker on your favorite social channels - in a single click!

How to make awesome posters in 3 easy steps with Picmaker

Launch Picmaker

Go to Picmaker and search for posters in the search bar.

Choose your poster template

Pick your favorite poster template from hundreds of options. If you’re feeling confident, start from a blank canvas.

Edit and download

Customize your posters with the right fonts, colors, and design elements. Download your poster when you’re done.

Here are 6 reasons to use Picmaker’s online poster maker

Create stunning posters, even if you have no clue about design

Save time. Save money

You can find 100+ ready-made templates on Picmaker. Save your precious time by choosing the right template and editing it to fit your needs.

Largest graphic library

Picmaker offers you millions of icons, illustrations, and objects to make your posters pop. Create posters that stand out from the crowd.

Poster designs for everybody

We’re constantly creating new templates to suit your needs. Use our unique poster designs to strike a chord with your audience.

Keep your posters safe

All your posters are safe and secure inside your dashboard. Access them on any PC, with nothing but your login credentials.

Create unlimited versions

Make unlimited changes and download different versions of your poster for free. And share them with your colleagues and friends instantly.

Bring your brand kit in

Add your logos, fonts, and colors to your brand kit. Always stay on-brand with Picmaker’s free online poster maker.

1,00,000 posters created and counting!

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How do you create eye-catching posters ?

Posters are one of the most effective ways to add fuel to your marketing campaign or to send out a message to the masses. Here are 5 steps to effectively create your first online poster with Picmaker.

  • Know your audience
    Identify your goals

    Identify your goals before you start creating your poster.

  • Define target audience
    Define target audience

    Identify the target audience for your posters. Will it be 20-year-old millennials or people in their late 60s?

  • Choose a template
    Choose a template

    Be smart, choose templates. Picmaker lets you choose from our 100+ professional-designed templates on our free online poster maker.

  • Customize it
    Customize it

    Use Picmaker’s dynamic dashboard to change the text and add headings. Change the colors, swap out graphics to match your style.

  • Ask live feedback
    Ask live feedback

    Share your poster with your co-workers, friends and get feedback in real-time. Save hours in back and forth communication

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I make a poster for free?

Posters are an effective print advertising tool that helps brands achieve a wide range of campaign goals. Thanks to AI-powered, intuitive, free online do-it-yourself tools such as Picmaker, making a poster is easy. The best part is, you don't need design experience or have knowledge of graphic design to be able to pull off an eye-catching poster that helps you drive results such as encouraging people to vote, getting people to wear a face mask, redeeming a special restaurant offer, or cashing in on a Black Friday sale.

To get started on Picmaker,

Step 1: Log in or sign up with your social media or email account.

Step 2: Once you are on the app, choose one of the hundreds of customizable, ready-to-use poster templates.

Step 3: Customize the template using the drag-and-drop editor options, add icons, images, and illustrations to put your unique spin on it.

Step 4: To help you create the most beautiful design, Picmaker empowers you with AI-based tools such as the MAD button and Background Remover, Brand Kit, Stickerify, and more. Use any of these tools to supercharge your design in terms of colors, fonts, and overall design.

Step 5: Once you're done customizing your poster, you can download it in either PDF, JPEG, or PNG format.

Posters come in different sizes, however, the standard dimensions are 42 x 59.4 cm, which is what you get on Picmaker.

If you need a bigger poster, you can use Picmaker's one-click Resize feature to define new dimensions and resize your poster. It's really that simple!

Picmaker serves all your design needs. From YouTube thumbnails, graphics for all social media posts, ads, banners, flyers, to even your coffee mug stickers, we’ve got you covered everywhere. So, go ahead and take the plunge into our wide array of templates that suit your needs.

Pickmaker is an easy-to-use, online editing platform for all your photo editing needs.

Yes, Picmaker’s poster maker lets you share your flyers over social media.

No. Picmaker does not leave any watermark on posters. Yay!

Yes! you can. Picmaker's DIY (Do It Yourself) design software allows anybody to create stunning poster with poster maker tool. No design skills needed.

You can share our website in social media and refer your friends about photo editing platforms. You can also contribute by sharing your suggestions to help us improve.

Yes, Picmaker provides you tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you with your design needs. Read our detailed FAQ to know how you can put Picmaker to use.

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