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Choose from millions of free and paid stock images for your designs. Use Picmaker’s powerful design tool and add our stock images to make your designs stand out.

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Stock images for your professional as well as personal needs

Picmaker allows you to access millions of stock images for all your use cases. Be it for your brochures, presentation, emails,or even the community event you’re planning, we have the best images for your needs.


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Picmaker is a design tool with tons of free and paid stock images

Don’t choose a design tool with no stock images. Use Picmaker and instantly get access to an ever growing library of free and paid stock images. Add them to your designs or download them as individual photos.

  • Stock photos for business needs

    With Picmaker, you get instant access to thousands of stock images for all your business designs. Use them to create professional looking designs for your websites, blogs, emails, ads, presentations, social media and more.

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  • Stock photos for personal needs

    Design beautiful graphics and add custom photos with Picmaker. Go to the ‘photos’ bar and choose the best stock photos for your casual designs in minutes.

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Why switch tabs to find relevant stock photos?

Picmaker is a full stack design tool with 100 Million free and paid stock pictures. Use keywords to search for your preferred pictures and add them to your designs.

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  • Customize stock photos with our photo editing tools

    Once you choose a stock photo, edit it with the suite of powerful tools we have inside Picmaker’s dashboard. Add filters, remove backgrounds, add shadows and cool outlines - and so much more with our suite of photo editing tools.

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  • Choose from tons of free filters and photo effects

    Add pre-programmed filters to your stock photo, without ever leaving Picmaker’s platform. You can also change the contrast, brightness and other effects of your photos with our design tools.

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How to find your favourite stock photo with Picmaker?

3 easy steps- that’s all it takes

Launch Picmaker

Login to Picmaker and go to your design canvas

Click the ‘photos’ tab

On your canvas, click on the ‘photos’ tab and enter your search query. Your results will be filled up with free and paid stock photos.

Download your stock photo

Once done, download the stock photo individually. Or, add it to one of your designs and download it for free.

Picmaker provides you with an endless library of free stock images!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Picmaker’s stock photos available for free?

Yes, you can use and download free stock photos from Picmaker. You can also get uninterrupted access to our design tool for free.
But, a free plan has only so much to offer. If you want to access premium stock pictures, feel free to go for a paid plan. Visit our pricing page to know more.

No. Picmaker helps you download more than just stock photos. It is a powerful graphic design tool. You can use it to design everything from YouTube banners, Social media posts, Ad graphics,posters, flyers to coffee mug tickers. Picmaker has you covered for all your design needs.

Yes, we provide you with tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you with your design needs. We also provide LIVE chat support to help you utilize Picmaker to the fullest.

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