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Greeting cards for all occasions. Fast and easy to create

Choosing a greeting card and customizing it for your loved one isn’t easy. We’ve all been there! However, Picmaker’s library of card templates, customization options and easy-to-use design tools make it much easier. Give it a try!

  • Beautiful cards, for and by anyone!

    Searching for card ideas? Stop searching. Get inspired by our ready-made card templates. You only need to customize the name (or, add the recipient’s nickname!), switch up the salutation (like happiee birthday), and your card is ready.

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  • Save precious time

    Whether you are pressed for time or you need to design a card super-quick, use Picmaker to create an awesome greeting card in minutes.

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Create personalized greeting cards in minutes. For free.

Design custom greeting cards for any occasion - birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, graduations, or even to say Hello. It’s simple and memorable.

Create a Custom Card Now

  • 100,000+ icons, illustrations, design objects and more

    Use our wide range of icons, illustrations and design elements to nail the tone of your greeting card. Be it romantic, friendly or professional to convey your love and care for your dearest one(s), and appreciation for colleagues and peers.

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  • Make it memorable

    Include photos, memes and GIFs to make the greeting card memorable for the recipient. You can upload your photos to Picmaker and easily drag and drop them onto your design.

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How to Create a Greeting Card Using Picmaker?

Enter Picmaker

Log in or sign up to Picmaker using your email or social media accounts. It takes less than 10 seconds!

Pick a template

Choose a Card template to get started. Explore Picmaker’s templates library and choose the right card layout for your needs.


Change the name, salutation text, colors and more to make sure it’s personalized for the person who’ll receive it.

Share, download, store

You’re now ready to send the card to your loved one, download it or leave it in your account for later use.

6 Reasons why you need Picmaker’s Greeting Card Maker

A half-a-dozen reasons 234,786 people use our online greeting card maker

Templates for every occasion

Picmaker offers free access to 10,000+ greeting card templates for all occasions - birthdays, engagement, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, graduation, and more

AI-powered MAD Button

Feel the power of artificial intelligence with the use of MAD Button. Spice up your design, alter color contrast, change fonts and typography - all with a single click. MAD Button makes the process easy, fun and effective!

Intelligent Background Remover

Get complete control of the background you want to retain or remove altogether. Picmaker’s Background Remover tool intuitively suggests the layers and elements you may stick or do away with.

Brand Kit

Picmaker’s Brand Kit enables you to stay on-brand by uploading your brand colors, fonts, and logos and adding them to your greeting card design.

It’s beginner-friendly

You don’t need to be familiar with designing a greeting card to get started on Picmaker. Our drag-and-drop Card Maker helps you create the most beautiful greetings - and it takes only minutes!

Share, store, download instantly

Share, store or download your greeting card as soon you’ve designed it. Picmaker gives you the option to share on social media, download it in PNG, PDF and JPEG formats, or store it on the cloud. For free!

Customize as much - or as less - as you prefer

What’s a greeting if you can’t personalize it? Picmaker offers unlimited customization options, so you can customize as much, or as less, as you want.

Create a Custom Card Now

How to make a greeting card online?

Follow these 6 steps to make a stunning greeting card design in minutes.

  • Decide your theme and target audience
    Choose a suitable template

    Pick a greeting card template for the occasion, with a layout that’s right for you, and of the right size. You can customize the template as you prefer.

  • Explore our templates
    Use icons and motifs to create the right tone

    Choose from 100,000+ icons and design elements to strike a professional, friendly or playful tone for your greeting card.

  • Add your brand colours
    Upload your own font

    Picmaker gives you the option to upload your own custom font and add it to your greeting card design. You can also choose one of the standard fonts from the dropdown in the interface.

  • Add your brand fonts
    Personalize your card’s color scheme

    Convey your sentiment with intelligent use of colors. Use bold colors to make your wishes light-hearted. Use lighter shades to make your message touching. The recipient will notice your attention to detail!

  • Add names and other details
    Create multiple versions

    Design more than one version of greeting card before finalizing which one to send. Revisit your designs to ensure you’re satisfied before you hit ‘Send’!

  • Add names and other details
    Choose how you want to send

    Be careful with the medium you use to share the greeting card. Whatever the medium, share or download your design on Picmaker. Or, share it on social media or send it via email.

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Picmaker free?

Picmaker is absolutely free to use - for as long as you want. Get access to 100,000 icons, social media-ready designs, MAD Button and more.

Step 1: Log in or sign up to Picmaker using your online account.

Step 2: Choose a greeting card with the right layout.

Step 3: Customize details such as name, salutation, text and more to add your personal touch the card.

Step 4: Use AI-based MAD Button to explore better designs and colors.

Step 5: Share or download to show your love and care, or store your greeting card.

Picmaker’s large library of templates can help you create a personalized birthday card for your loved one. Sign up or log in with your online account. Choose a ready-made birthday card template, customize the name, wishes and other parts of the card to make it memorable. Share the card with your loved one on their birthday.

Greeting cards created on Picmaker don’t come with a watermark. They are free - and all yours!

Picmaker - Your one-stop destination for all types of greeting cards

Create the perfect greeting card, stress-free, with Picmaker! It’s free and easy to use, so what’re you waiting for? Design as you’ve visualized.

Create a Custom Card Now