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Who can attend?

Our webinars are for people who want to design awesome creatives on their own and get results quickly. You don’t need a degree in graphic design to attend our webinars.

Social media marketers


Digital marketers


DIY enthusiasts

First-time designers




Startup founders




Small business owners

What do you get by attending Picmaker webinars?

We don’t promise the moon in our webinars. But, we promise you that you will learn how to design efficiently without prior design knowledge. Besides, feel free to bring your problems, and we will try to solve them right there.

  • Learn practical graphic design tips and tricks
  • Get use case-based design ideas
  • Know how to put your ideas to action
  • Discover the latest trends in graphic design
  • Be a part of a growing community
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Frequently Asked Questions
I’m not a Picmaker user. Can I join?

Yes! As long as you are interested to upskill and boost your design process, or want to understand how Picmaker helps non-designers to become pro designers, you are welcome to join.

You get to know how to get started with Picmaker. We also share professional design tips to take your graphics to the next level.

Yes! Sessions are recorded, but are shared only with registered attendees.

Yes, feel free to bring them in and you can also ask questions during the Q&A.