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Like it or not, people will judge your books by it’s cover. It is your responsibility to make sure that your book cover design is kickass.

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Grab our premium templates and design your book covers with Picmaker’s free book cover maker.

We understand the challenge of creating a book cover design that stands out from thousands of book covers. Use one of our templates and design a stunning book cover in minutes!

2 Million books are published each year. How will yours stand out?

2 million books are published every single year. Your book cover is the difference between someone remembering your book or forgetting it as part of that 2 million.

With Picmaker’s free book cover maker, your book will stand out from the crowd.

  • The only book cover creator with a free background remover tool

    Picmaker is not your usual free book cover maker. It has tons of tools and design options to help you create a stunning book cover.But that’s not all.It also allows you to remove background from your picture and add it to your book cover for free!

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  • Customize your book cover designs with a powerful editor

    You can use Picmaker’s book cover maker to customize your book cover designs and make them truly personal. Add new fonts, colours, graphic elements, pictures & more. You can also use powerful features like curve text, drop shadow, stickerify & more.

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Use our free book cover maker to create covers without any knowledge about design.

This is the day you stop worrying about creating beautiful book cover designs. We hand you thee power to make beautiful book cover art with Picmaker.

Create your stunning book cover now!

  • Add spice to your book cover with Picmaker’s free book cover maker

    You can choose from millions of pictures, graphic elements and hundreds of fonts to create your book cover design. You can also choose from millions of predefined background elements for your book cover art.

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  • Download multiple variations of your book cover design for free

    You can use our free templates to design multiple variations of your book cover. Download all the variations and share it with your peers for review. You can also use our online share feature to get feedback on your book covers design.

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How do you make a professional looking book cover design in 4 steps?

Launch Picmaker

Go to Picmaker and search for “Book cover”

Choose your favourite template

Choose one from hundreds of free book cover templates.

Edit your book cover art

Use Picmaker’s powerful book cover maker to edit your cover art. Add new elements, fonts and colors to match your concept and category.

Download your book cover art

Once you’re done, you can download the book cover art in multiple formats like JPEG, PNG and PDF.

6 obvious reasons to choose Picmaker’s free book cover maker app

With a great book cover maker comes the ability to create an awesome book cover.

Millions of stock images

Our certificate maker gives you templates, that are ready to meet your specific needs. For example, achievements, formal events, winners, and webinar certificates.

Millions of graphic design elements

Go to the objects bar and select from millions of free and paid graphic design elements.

Hundreds of font choices

You can choose from hundreds of font families for your book cover maker. If that’s not enough, you can also upload new fonts to your dashboard

Millions of colours

Picmaker’s free book cover maker has a colour tool with nearly every colour on the planet. Just enter the hex code to choose the colour you want.

Free book cover templates

You can apply all these design choices to the free book cover templates on Picmaker. You can also start from scratch while designing your book cover maker.

One powerful editor

Use our templates and powerful editor to create awesome book covers. Use Picmaker’s powerful editor and create a work of art in minutes.

This isn’t your boring off-the-shelf online book cover maker

Picmaker is an AI-based book cover maker that will help you design spectacular book covers.

Create your stunning book cover now!

How can you make your book cover for free with Picmaker (in detail) ?

We’re probably repeating ourselves again. But we believe in reinforcing important points.
Your audience will judge your book by your cover and it’s your responsibility to make it stand out.

  • Define the genre
    Define the genre

    Take some time to understand the genre of your book. Is it fiction or nonfiction? Is it fantasy or mystery?

    Define a genre for your book!

  • Identify your target audience
    Identify your target audience

    Who are the ideal people you want to read your book?

    You should probably think about this even before you start writing your book.

    The sooner you define this the better.

  • Identify a title and theme
    Identify a title and theme

    Once you’re done with the first two steps, go ahead and choose a title and theme for your book cover design.

  • Choose a template and design it
    Choose a template and design it

    You can now go to our free book cover maker and select a template for your cover art. Use our powerful editor to design your template to your liking.

  • Share and download
    Share and download

    Once you’ve completed the design, share it with your peers for review.

    If you’re completely satisfied, go ahead and download it!

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Picmaker free?

You can use Picmaker’s book cover maker for free as long as you want. Get access to thousands of professional pictures, icons, and objects. Besides, you can use rare features like background remover and unlimited downloads without spending a dime or moving to a different tool. But, a free plan has only so much to offer. So, consider going for a paid plan when you’re ready to scale your design needs. pricing page

No. Picmaker helps you design more than just your book cover designs. You can design everything from YouTube banners, Social media posts, Ads, banners, flyers and coffee mug tickers. Picmaker has you covered for all your design needs. Take the plunge into our wide array of blog graphic and other design templates at your disposal.

Yes, Picmaker provides you tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you with your design needs.

We also provide a LIVE chat support to help you utilize Picmaker to the fullest.

The front cover of your book should contain the title, author’s name, background pictures, tagline and some graphics.

The back of your book should contain details like summary, endorsement and pricing.

It depends on your personal brand and the topic of your book.

If your book is based for a very specific market, adding your photo can be beneficial for your brand.

But it's always a good rule of thumb to check with your publisher before adding your photo.

Be simple with your design and copy on your cover. Tease your main idea in as less words as possible.

And don’t forget to use a free graphic design tool like Picmaker to design a catchy book cover.

297,576 people use Picmaker to design their book cover designs.

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