The MAD-dest, yet simplest,
way to jazz up your design

Let the AI-powered MAD Button guide your design -
from BG colors to fonts, images, and more!
Design with our MAD Button now!
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The coolest design-enhancing tool - powered by
artificial intelligence

Creating elegant and effective designs from logos and flyers to collages and posters, is now a whole lot
easier with MAD Button

Not just automatic,
auto-magic too!

A single click of Picmaker’s MAD Button is all it takes to spruce up your design. Click the button, get automatic design ideas instantly and watch as the magic follows. Yeah, we aren’t kidding!

Save precious time

Time is precious. We know it, and MAD Button knows it, too! It takes less time to transform your design than it takes to create a snapping sound with your fingers. Go on, give it a try.

Shhh…It’s a secret. Get design suggestions that nobody’s ever seen.

Picmaker’s MAD Button transforms your fonts, colour palettes, typography and images in a single click!
Design with our MAD Button now!

Your design. Your choice.

Picmaker gives you the choice to choose the element that you want to enhance. If you wish to improve only the font, do only that, with a single click. Think your BG image could be better? You can switch that up alone too!

BTW, it’s not just MAD-all

Picmaker offers an extensive array of tools like Brand Kit, text effects and more to help you create the best design. Integrate icons, illustrations, design objects and stock photos to make your design cooler!

100,000,000 jaw-dropping stock photos. Amazing background effects. Contemporary photo editing.

All in one destination - Picmaker
Design with our MAD Button now!

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thousands of premium

No credit card required! Sign up or log in with your online account and choose any of Picmaker’s extensive library of premium templates. Use our MAD Button to create eye-catching posters, functional flyers, collages and more within minutes.

Share, collaborate, store
- all in one place

With Picmaker, you can not only create stunning designs in minutes, but also share them on social media, receive feedback, and store all your designs on the cloud. For free.

MAD Button - How to Use


Single click,
multiple effects

Create multiple cohesive design effects with a single click of the MAD Button

Switch up

Change your backgrounds, add text overlays and color filters to create the desired effects

Choose or upload your
own fonts

Upload your own brand font or choose one from the dropdown that’s best for your design

Change images

Use stock images in our library to add personality to your design. Or bring your own images.

Play with colors

The perfect color and contrast combo is only a click away

Reset anytime

Want to revert to original? Click the reset button once

It’s easy to get lost in your design with
our MAD Button

Picmaker’s MAD Button - An amalgam of
automatic and auto-magic.
Design with our MAD Button now!

MAD Button - The one and only

Experience the power of MAD Button first-hand, enhance your designs forever!

Choose a

Log in or sign up to Picmaker and choose a flyer, poster, collage or any template.


Customise the template copy with your brand name, address, contact info and more.

MAD Button

Click the MAD Button once to
transform the look and feel of
your template

Change up Font,
Image and Colour

Click the Font, Image or
Colour button one by one to
alter only those elements of
your design

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Enhance your design with AI-powered MAD Button!

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Design with our MAD Button now!