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Short Description

Picmaker is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself design platform that lets anybody create stunning professional designs in minutes.

Boilerplate Description
  • Picmaker is a DIY design platform that lets anybody create stunning professional designs in minutes. It is the only platform that enables beginners and professionals to create awe-inspiring designs.

  • Feature 1
  • Whether it is a YouTube thumbnail, YouTube channel art, Instagram posts, Facebooks ads, banners, greeting cards, posters, flyers, invitations, business card designs, logos, stickers, etc. - Picmaker provides tens of thousands of readymade templates for all design needs. With access to more than 100 million images and design objects, Picmaker enables users to create designs with minimal experience.

  • Feature 2
  • Picmaker is bringing a design-first experience on all digital media platforms, powering 2 million designs per month, and enabling 500k users create unique artworks. With Picmaker, users can not only customize their designs, but also have access to advanced photo editing tools.

  • Feature 3
  • Our patent-pending AI-enabled algorithms provide intuitive suggestions to users, enabling their illustrations look unique and creating a stunning visual impact.

  • Feature 4
  • Picmaker was created in 2018 by the founders of Animaker with the mission to make unique designs available to every human being.

  • Feature 5

Design anything, elegantly

Unleash your inner Michelangelo to create posters, infographics, or blog banners. No matter whether you’re a one-man show or a team lead, Picmaker’s intuitive interface enables you to get going in a jiffy.

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