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Getting exasperated while trying to create a custom brochure? Not anymore. With Picmaker, choose a free brochure template and design your custom brochures in minutes!

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Choose from our ever-growing collection of free brochure design templates

Our free brochure maker gives you unlimited access to free brochure design templates. Create a stunning brochure, even if you have no clue about design.

One brochure maker to create unlimited brochure designs (for FREE!)

Be it a business brochure or a digital brochure for your school. Picmaker helps you design all of them in minutes.

  • Customize brochures for your unique needs

    Be it for a professional or a personal need, our online brochure maker has all the tools you’ll ever need. Add pictures, swap out colours, insert new graphic elements, add new text boxes and do much more with Picmaker’s free online brochure maker.

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  • Use unlimited graphic elements

    Use our free brochure maker to add thousands of free design elements and illustrations to your brochure design. We’ve got a library of 100k icons, which is growing everyday. So, feel free to take your picks.

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Solve all your brochure design problems with Picmaker’s free brochure maker

Why spend money and time on a complex, expensive design tool? Use our free templates and create your brochure design in minutes!

Create a brochure now

  • A full-suite online brochure maker with a brand kit

    It’s hard to choose your brand colours and fonts for each design from scratch. With Picmaker, you can add them to your brand kit and make your design process easier.

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  • Collaborate with everybody

    Need to get your colleague or friend’s suggestion on a brochure design? No worries. Share your brochure designs with a custom link and enable LIVE collaboration.

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How does it work?

3 easy steps- that’s all it takes

Launch Picmaker

Go to Picmaker and search for “Brochure”

Choose your template

Choose a template from one of our hundred free brochure design templates.

Customize your design

Use Picmaker’s powerful brochure maker to customize your brochure design with new fonts, colours, graphic elements, illustrations & more.

Why did 234,786 people choose Picmaker’s free brochure maker?

Here are 6 reasons why 234,786+ people chose our online brochure maker over other online design tools

A sea of stock images

Picmaker allows you to choose from 100 million free and paid stock pictures for your brochure design.

Resize to custom or predefined sizes

You can use our resize button to resize your brochure to any predefined or custom size. One tap is all it takes.

Fonts for all seasons

Your brochure design can always be modified with new and interesting fonts on Picmaker’s free online brochure maker. We have fonts for all reasons and seasons.

Millions of colour choices

You can choose from nearly any colour on the planet and add it on your brochure design.

Storage and 100% security

Our magical cloud system will help you store and access all your designs from anywhere in the world. Just enter your Picmaker login credentials and start working immediately.

Use our free online brochure maker to make your brochure designs ideas a reality.

Don’t be overwhelmed about the process of creating a brochure design. Sign up to Picmaker and create your brochure design in minutes.

Create a brochure now

How to make a brochure online?

Follow these 6 steps to make a stunning brochure design in minutes.

  • Identify use case
    What’s your primary use case?

    Before you start designing a brochure, identify its primary use case. Is this a business brochure? Or will it simply be a digital brochure? Take some time to think about its original use.

  • Pick a template
    Choose a brochure design template

    Choose from hundreds of free brochure design templates. Select a template that fits your use case.

  • Customize it
    Customize it with your content

    Replace the stock content with your details. Remove or add new text boxes wherever necessary.

  • Add colours and fonts
    Add your brand colours and fonts

    Choose your brand fonts and colors for each brochure design through manual search. Or, upload them to your brand kit and simplify this process.

  • Add pictures & graphics
    Add pictures & graphics

    Choose from millions of stock pictures or upload your own picture? Select from millions of graphic design elements or upload your own. With Picmaker, you have complete power of choice.

  • Share and download
    Share and download

    Once you’ve customized your brochure design, share it with your peers or colleagues for a review. If you’re satisfied, download your brochure design in formats like PNG, JPEG, PDF & more.

Over 1.5 million designs created till date

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Picmaker’s brochure design maker free?

Yes, you can use Picmaker’s online brochure maker for free, as long as you want. You will get access to thousands of professional pictures, icons, and objects. You will also get access to rare feature like unlimited downloads without spending a dime on subscriptions.

Step 1: Log into Picmaker’s free online brochure maker

Step 2: Select a free brochure design template

Step 3: Customize your brochure with your custom copy

Step 4: Jazz it up with free fonts, colours, design elements & more.

Step 5: Download your brochure design

Step 1: Log into Picmaker’s free online brochure maker

Step 2: Select a free business brochure design template

Step 3: Customize your brochure with details about your business and it’s offers.

Step 4: Customize your brochure with details about your business and it’s offers.

Step 5: Share your brochure design with your colleagues for live review

Step 6: Finalize the changes and download your brochure design