What is Picmaker

Witness the world’s shortest way to create a design.


A DIY design software loaded with thousands of design templates.

Make endless customizations with high-quality pictures, icons, text and image effects.

Bring your brand logos, colors, and pictures into Picmaker.

Stay on-brand seamlessly. That’s not all. Remove background for FREE.

Make stickers, collaborate limitlessly, and, unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Design the Future with Picmaker!

How to browse Picmaker Templates

It’s a piece of cake to access Picmaker Templates. They are just a click away.

Let’s begin by Signing in.

You will be landed on the Picmaker dashboard.

Start your design using the 

  • “Create button” in the sidebar and in the top right
  • The search bar
  • The horizontal slider below the search bar
  • Custom Size in the horizontal slider
  • Or explore thousands of templates to choose from.

The dashboard is decked with our top templates in the most popular design categories

Like YouTube thumbnails, logos, blog banners, Instagram posts, and so on.

Click on “Templates” at the top to view our entire templates library.

You can scroll it through forever. It’s never-ending.

Use the search bar and the filters below to quickly find a template.

Be it for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even a SoundCloud banner, we have everything for you.

How to Customize Picmaker Templates

What’s more fun than choosing a template? Yes, to edit it.

Let’s see how you can edit a template in minutes.

Once you click on a template, it will be added to the artboard. This is where all the magic happens.

Right from the text to objects, EVERYTHING is customizable.

Double click on the text to edit.

When you click on any object in the artboard, an additional menu will appear at the top.

This lets you customize the object as you want.

As you can see, we can change the font, size, style, and add text effects. Change the background, add relevant stock images, and icons to spice it up or if you want us to customize the template for you, fret not! We can do it.

Just click the MAD button and wait to be awestruck.

Our AI engine analyses the template and suggests different designs every time you click on the MAD button.

Customizing a template is that easy!

How to Share your design

Sharing is caring! Share your creative designs with your team, friends, and family.

Once your design is ready, click on the Share button at the top right.

You can either key in the email IDs or copy the link.

Don’t worry! The control is yours.

You can choose to just view, edit, or share the design as a template.

Remove the user in a matter of seconds.

What’s more powerful than choosing your own design sharing privacy?

How to download your design

Downloading your design is not a hard nut to crack.

You can do it in a snap of a second.

Click on the “Download” button at the top right. Jpeg, Png, and Pdf are the three formats available to download.

You can also choose the size of your design like 1x, 2x, or 3x.

Once you hit the Download button, your design will be saved to your local drive.

Further, you can post it on your social media profiles.

Easy and Effortless!

Who said you need design skills to be a designer?

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