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20 Advertisement Poster Examples For Engagement & Conversion

According to data, the likelihood of people remembering a brand they see in print is 70 percent more than when they notice one online. It strengthens the argument that even in today’s digitally-driven world, print advertisement such as through posters remains an effective way to reach a target audience.

Poster advertising enables advertisers and marketers to not only drive brand awareness, but it’s also a powerful method to generate buzz for an upcoming event, alert people about a new product launch, or inform them of a discount sale on Black Friday or other festive occasions.

Advertisement posters (or any form of print advertising, for that matter) are particularly effective for targeting location-based audiences. In this scenario, a print ad displayed in public places is more likely to grab eyeballs than, say, a digital banner or a social media post. It is, however, important to know your target audience and the places where they are more likely to come across your ad before deciding the placement.

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An advertisement poster must be able to elicit an emotional response from the audience. Emotion, after all, is a key factor in people's buying decisions. Data, too, backs this up.

According to a data analysis from the UK-based Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), advertising campaigns with exclusively emotional content performed almost twice (31 percent to 16 percent) as well as content that was purely rational.


How An Advertisement Poster Helps Your Brand

Creating a poster is not just about putting together a visual design that impresses people and persuades them to take an action. Sure, those are indispensable when you’re planning for an advertisement campaign, but a poster offers so much more.

Size And Placement Flexibility

Posters are typically designed and printed in a handful of different dimensions:

  • A0: 841x1189mm
  • A1: 594x841mm
  • A2: 420x594mm
  • A3: 297x420mm
  • A4: 210x297mm

Depending on where you want to display your poster, its size will vary, but the aforementioned sizes indicate flexibility in printing your poster to reach people in different locations. 

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For example, if you want to target people visiting a shopping mall, then the A3 poster size is ideal for indoor advertising. On the other hand, A2 or A1 poster is perfect for outdoor advertising and allows you to target people in high-traffic areas.

Long-term Visibility

Print advertising formats are aplenty but not all of them offer the desired shelf life.

Take a newspaper ad as an example. Most, if not all, readers would not bother to read the same newspaper more than once. So, while they may see your brand’s advertisement if it is prominent, they are unlikely to revisit the ad. 

However, a publicly advertised poster will remain prominent (if it’s displayed in a prominent location, of course) to people 24x7 until it’s taken down. 

This means more of your audience will see your advertisement poster. Those who are probably not convinced by the message or the offer in the first instance will have a second, third, or fourth glance at the ad’s message and consider changing their mind.

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Build Brand Authority

A visually-appealing poster piques interest in your target audience, and, yes, establishes your brand as an authority.

You may ask: “What is brand authority?”

It is the expertise of a company or a brand within its industry or niche. If people look up to a company as a genuine expert in what it serves its customers, it’s a sign that the company has achieved brand authority.

Building brand authority is key to gaining and amplifying customer trust. It further helps achieve maximum results from marketing and advertising campaigns.  

For an advertisement poster to do its job, it must be on-brand and unique to make it recognizable to the public eye. And, rather than coming across as one of the many posters displayed day in and day out, people are more likely to be interested in the poster’s message, its value proposition, and consider taking the action.


Types Of Advertisement Posters

We have seen that because posters come in a wide range of dimensions, they offer flexibility in placement.

Another advantage of posters is that brands can tweak the design style and feel based on their campaign goals.  

Let’s look at the poster types that brands can take advantage of for maximum benefit.

Graphic Poster

Graphical elements are front and center of this type of posters in which the text is kept to a minimum.

If you plan to promote a movie, a product, or an event, a graphic poster is a great option. 

It offers creative freedom to deliver your message with a twist. The right combination of graphics will grab your audience’s attention and build intrigue in your product, the film you’re promoting, or the music fest that’s coming up.

Typographic Poster

This type of poster is ideal when plenty of text-based information needs to be incorporated.

With typography being the main focus, the poster works best for event or webinar promotions, shopping offers, and more.

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Details such as event date, time, location, registration information, and more should be included in the poster design and displayed in an aesthetically-appealing way.

Image-based Poster

If your poster design must include the picture of a celebrity or a VIP, or include a photo to illustrate a message in pictorial form, then an image-based poster is your best option. 

Whether it’s a gymnasium aiming to increase memberships, a salon promoting hair cut at a slashed price for a limited time, a fashion event being held metropolis - an image poster can help grab people’s attention and elicit a response. 

This is a type of poster that helps brands across industries promote their offers and drive conversions.


Advertisement Poster Examples

Picmaker provides free access to hundreds of advertisement poster templates to help marketers and advertisers achieve their key campaign objectives. Whether it’s to drive sign-ups, close a sale, or promote a new product, you’ll find a poster template that's easy to customize and get started in minutes.

Example #1: Black Friday Deal Poster

This poster is tailor-made for jewelry business owners who are promoting special deals on the occasion of Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. It requires little customization before use. Include your brand logo and brand name too, to make it recognizable for your customers.

Example #2: Boy Playing Football New Season Tryouts Poster

Football and soccer coaching centers can use this advertisement poster to get budding footballers to join their coaching programs. The poster copy includes all the details, such as dates, time, and location, essential for the audience to make a decision to enroll their name.

Example #3: Brown Background Catch Up With Mom Poster

Cafés and small food outlets promoting Mother’s Day offers can use this poster to attract more guests to their restaurants. It’s a minimalist poster with fewer details that make it easier to understand and remember. It also means that it has the potential to generate plenty of responses from viewers and potential customers.

Example #4: Brown Background Father’s Day BBQ Poster

BBQ restaurants aiming to attract guests on the occasion of Father’s Day can use this poster to drive table bookings and inquiries. This, too, is a minimalist poster with the copy including only the basic, necessary details such as the date and location. You may want to include your restaurant logo and name before use.

Example #5: Black And Yellow Gym Fitness Enrollment Poster

This poster is tailor-made for gyms and fitness centers aiming to increase memberships and sign-ups. The gym logo and name (along with the franchise, if any) need to be printed on the poster to drive phone inquiries and registration. The web address must also be changed to help people find details they may want to know before registering.

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Example #6: Rock Music Festival Poster

Event managers and organizers can use this advertisement poster to generate buzz and boost ticket sales for their next music fest in the city. It’s a colorful poster combining typography and graphic elements to make it visually appealing and convincing to viewers. The copy needs a bit of customization before use.

Example #7: Blue And Orange Turkey Thanksgiving Day Celebration Poster

Use this poster to invite people to Thanksgiving Day parties, held at homes or hotels. The orange and indigo color scheme, along with the turkey, set the vibe for the occasion. The copy contains only the basic details and needs to be customized.

Example #8: Happy Hour Club Yellow Poster

Pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants can use this poster to promote “happy hour” and attract more people than at other times of the day. This is a typography-rich poster, with the frothy beer providing the aesthetic appeal. The poster copy might need to be customized in some places before use.

Example #9: Sports And Basketball Event Promotion Poster

Sports tournament organizers and associations can use this poster to promote the next event on their calendar to attract spectators and volunteers. The poster image and the copy may need to be customized based on the sporting event that’s being promoted.

Example #10: Black And White Dramatic Movie Poster

Film producers and directors can use this poster to promote an upcoming movie release and whet the appetite of their audience. The layout and graphics make it the perfect horror movie poster, while the copy needs tweaking based on the movie plot, movie title, actors, and other details.

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Example #11: Motoracing Sports Event Advertising Poster

Motorsports event organizers can use this poster to announce the next scheduled grand prix to drive ticket sales and generate fan excitement. It’s a minimalist poster that’s designed to be used to promote car racing events. Customize the copy by including details about the venue, qualifying and race schedule, and more, before use.

Example #12: Summer Flash Sale Announcement Poster

Retailers can use this poster to alert people of special deals and offers and drive sales during the summer. The poster copy needs to be customized by including details about products that are part of the flash sale, while the discount rate may also need to be changed depending on the offer.

Example #13: Yellow Background Diwali Festival Dance Performance Poster

Use this Diwali poster to invite dancers and dance enthusiasts to participate in office, school or college events as part of the celebrations. It’s a traditional Diwali poster which sets the vibe for the festival of lights. The copy needs to be customized before use.

Example #14: Light Bulb Energy Conservation Awareness Poster

Want to raise awareness about the importance of energy conservation? This poster is for you. The poster copy is clear to help people understand their role in saving energy. It also has a persuasive tone to convince them to attend the awareness camp.

Example #15: Cyclists Explore Life On Pedals Poster

This is a cycling event poster that’s designed to drive participation from cycling and fitness enthusiasts. The poster copy covers all the details that participants need to enroll their names for the event. It may, however, need customization before use.

Example #16: Purple Boxing Day Special Sale Poster

Retail brands aiming to drive sales during the festive season can use this poster to ignite a shopping frenzy among customers. This is a Boxing Day sale poster with a minimalist design combined with a concise copy. It requires little to no customization.

Example #17: White Background New Year Party Poster

New Year parties are all about excitement and good vibes. Use this advertisement poster to invite guests to your New Year’s party and join the fun events lined up. The poster copy needs to be customized with details about the venue and RSVP address to help people book their seats in advance.

Example #18: Professional Business Conference Poster

Use this poster to drive sign-ups for an upcoming business conference in the city, alerting business professionals and other target audiences. The poster combines a professional image, color, and typography to radiate the business conference vibe. The name of the conference and dates need to be customized before use.

Example #19: Restaurant Weekend Menu Advertisement Poster

Use this advertisement poster to drive table bookings at your restaurant by offering the weekend menu at a special discount price. The poster includes a mouthwatering image of a burger along with the discount that guests can avail. The call-to-action “Book Now” persuades people to reserve their table before they are occupied.

Example #20: Indigo And Orange Professional Business Poster

Agencies and B2B brands that want to reach their target audience with a business proposal can use this advertisement poster to raise brand awareness and even drive inquiries. The poster layout and color scheme offer a professional look, while the copy must be customized with the value proposition and details outlining the initial steps of the process.



Advertisement posters are easy to distribute, flexible, and a cost-effective way to capture the right audience and accomplish a wide range of campaign objectives aligned to business goals. Data indicates that people are more likely to remember brands they see in print (such as through posters and newspapers) than online. Print ads are particularly effective for brands targeting location-specific audiences. It’s also the best format of advertisement to grab their attention in a non-intrusive way. 

Companies can use it to build brand authority and derive long-term visibility. They must, however, choose the right type of advertising posters (graphic, image-based, and typography) based on their campaign goals and audience demographics.

Picmaker is the best online free poster creator that provides access to hundreds of stunning, easily customizable templates. Users don’t need to be design experts to design an advertisement poster that’s visually appealing, attention-grabbing, and unique to a brand.

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