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Digital Poster: Advantages, Design Mistakes To Avoid & 75 Free-to-use Templates

Poster, whether in digital or print form, is a popular and effective advertising and marketing tool. Versatile with its myriad use-cases, it helps advertisers and marketers accomplish their campaign goals.

Data from Statista substantiates the effectiveness of posters. In a survey of 1,986 respondents, 30 percent of US consumers said that they searched for details about a featured message after seeing a poster advertisement. Twenty-nine percent reported that they visited the advertiser’s website.

Poster emerged as an advertising tool in the late 19th century. Its applications have grown manifold since: it’s now used to promote movies, drive political campaigns, generate public health awareness, and more.

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Posters have predominantly been used for outdoor advertising. Often spotted on the sides of the road and metro and bus stations, they help advertisers grab their target audience’s attention and drive the desired action.

More people than ever are consuming information online and spending several hours each day on the internet. As per the Digital 2019 Report, people are spending six hours and forty-two minutes each day on the internet; and half of that duration is spent on mobile devices alone.

So, in today’s digitally-driven world, a digital poster is a great advertising option to drive reach, brand awareness, and accomplish a variety of other campaign objectives. 

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What difference can a digital poster make? Let’s look at a few advantages.

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Advantages Of Digital Poster

The main difference between a digital and a non-digital poster is that the former can be viewed on the screen of a mobile phone, a desktop computer, a television, to name a few. Compared to a printed poster, the digital version offers several advantages for advertisers:

  • It can be created and distributed in near-real-time. Advertisers don’t need to wait to have their poster stuck in prominent locations before their audience views and (preferably) takes action. 
  • A digital poster gives advertisers the option to include multimedia such as photos, videos, GIFs, and more to attract their audience and convey their message quickly. 
  • With a digital poster, advertisers can reach a more targeted, well-defined segment of audience - thus improving the response to, and performance of, the ad.

Mistakes To Avoid With Digital Poster

At the end of the day, the messaging in any poster you create must resonate with your audience and be compelling enough to elicit a response. However, in trying to be persuasive, it’s possible to make mistakes that dissuade your audience and undermine the purpose of your poster advertisement.

Including too much content: Unlike a pamphlet, your poster should not be replete with blocks of text. Amid decreasing attention spans, your poster should be attention-grabbing and easily digestible to hook in your audience and drive home your message. (This must be achieved in the first one or two seconds of someone glancing at your poster.) 

Therefore, strike a balance between graphics-based and text-based communication, and remove anything that’s repetitive and ambiguous. 

Overselling: In other words, don’t exaggerate the capabilities of your product (if that’s what you’re promoting) or promise more than what you can deliver. When you try to oversell, it’s possible that you’ll include more information than necessary in your digital poster - which can distract your audience and affect conversion. 

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Poor font choices: Your choice of font will either enhance or affect the legibility of your poster copy. Choose a font based on the theme of your poster, but do not choose fonts simply because they give your poster an aesthetic appeal. 

Sans Serif, Helvetica, and Futura are some good fonts for posters. Stencil or handwritten fonts such as Portway and Huelva are great alternatives, lending elegance to posters while being legible.


Digital Poster Examples

On Picmaker, an online poster maker free without login, it’s easy to make a digital poster design. One that attracts and engages your target audience - whether they are school children, college students, working professionals, or other people in society. Here we provide you with free-to-use poster examples that can be customized in a handful of minutes.

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Example #1: World Water Conservation Awareness Poster

If you’re an event speaker prepping to talk on the importance of water conservation, this poster is tailormade for you. Start your presentation with the statistic that 75 percent of the earth is covered by water, a fast-depleting resource, and you’ll have your audience hooked for the rest of your presentation. This poster is also ideal for any presentation on themes such as “Save Planet Earth”, “Save Water”, to name two.

Example #2: Mountain Scenery Motivation Quote Poster

“Good things take time” is a powerful motivational message. The mountain backdrop and the rising sun reinforce the theme that not all pursuits are achieved overnight - but the goal is truly worth working towards. School noticeboards, gymnasiums, indoor play areas, hallways are some of the places where this poster is most effective.

Example #3: Happy Holi Special Offer Informational Poster

For brands promoting festival offers on occasions such as Holi, this poster offers the easiest way to inform and attract customers to visit online and brick-and-mortar stores. The same poster can also be easily customized for other occasions while tweaking the discount offer, discount code, website details (if any), and more.

Example #4: Fashion Show Black and White Poster

Looking to promote an upcoming fashion show, a music concert, or another event in your city? This is the poster for you. For non-fashion events, simply customize the copy with the exact event theme, and you’ll have tailored it for your target audience.

Example #5: Woman’s Fitness Center Enrollment Poster

Use this poster template to increase sign-ups to your gym and fitness center. Include your brand name and contact information to give fitness enthusiasts the option to contact your fitness center and enroll their name. In addition, the poster caption can be tweaked, mentioning the benefits of available fitness programs, to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Example #6: Black Modern Art Expo Poster

Want to get the word out about your art exhibition? Here’s a minimalist poster that will grab eyeballs and drive inquiries and ticket sales for your event. You’d only have to change the event year, name, and venue details before you share your poster to reach your target audience online.

Example #7: New Year’s Eve Party Violet And Pink Poster

Announce your New Year’s Eve party in style and get maximum people to join in the celebration with this poster. Customize the copy with details pertaining to your party—such as time, venue, offerings, and more—to provide your guests with all the information they need, and promote it across online platforms for maximum reach.

Example #8: Sales And Marketing Job Hiring Poster

This is a minimalist job poster that will help you get applications to the sales and marketing vacancies in your organization. You’d only have to change the email address before promoting the poster online.

Example #9: International Racism Day Event Poster

Use this digital poster to take a stand against racial discrimination. Brands can include their logo on the poster and share it on their brand pages to show solidarity. It can also be used to promote events and conferences held on March 21 to raise awareness and empower people to fight racism.

Example #10: World Wildlife Conservation Event Poster

Use this poster to alert people about an upcoming event or conference on wildlife conservation and inform them of what they’ll gain from attending. It will pique interest in people and drive sign-ups to the presentation/event.

Example #11: Motoracing Promotion Rider Onboard Poster

Motoracing event organizers can use this poster to promote the next Grand Prix in the city and generate fan excitement. Include the Grand Prix name and the exact dates to avoid ambiguity.

Example #12: Lemonade Juice Shop Promotion Poster

Inaugurating a juice shop in the city and want people to take notice? Use this poster to inform people of the juice varieties you’ll be offering, happy hours, and more before that grand opening.

Example #13: Pink And White Organic Makeup Set Promotion Poster

Use this poster to promote cosmetic set offers in your makeup store. Include combo deals and additional makeup kit items to attract customers to avail the offer.

Example #14: Red Fashion Shop Opening Announcement Poster

Generate buzz ahead of your fashion shop inauguration with this announcement poster. Include details of your shopping collection and early discounts to entice customers to flock to your store.

Example #15: Woman’s Fashion Summer Sale Promotion Poster

Use this minimalist shopping poster to promote a summer sale of collections for women. Include details of offers on specific collections, the offer period, and more to attract potential buyers to visit your online or brick-and-mortar store.

Example #16: Turkey And Wine Thanksgiving Party Poster

This is a mouthwatering Thanksgiving poster that will encourage guests to be at your party. The copy requires very little customization before promotion on online platforms.

Example #17: Yellow Background Happy And Safe Diwali Poster

This poster is designed to help brands share the festive cheer on the occasion of Diwali with their audience. Needing no customization, you only need to add your brand logo to the poster before sharing it on social media and other digital platforms to connect with your audience.

Example #18: Colorful Flowers Award Ceremony Poster

As the name suggests, this poster is designed to alert guests of an upcoming award ceremony. This poster, too, requires little customization before use.

Example #19: Brown Background Father’s Day BBQ Poster

Use this minimalist poster to invite guests for a BBQ on Father’s Day, which is annually celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. Customize the date and venue details before use.

Example #20: Colorful Background Embrace Love All Around LGBTQ Poster

Show compassion and togetherness with this LGBTQ poster with the message “Embrace love all around”. It’s perfect as an invitation to people to attend an upcoming rally in support of LGBTQ equality.

Example #21: Woman Wearing Black Black Friday Poster

Announce a Black Friday festive offer for women with this poster which perfectly captures the theme of the occasion. It requires little to no customization before sharing online to help prospective buyers take notice.

Example #22: Floral Background Light Is An Invitation Quote Poster

Use this quote poster to emphasize the path to happiness and why it’s important. Brands can use this poster to showcase their personality and provide a peek into their values.

Example #23: Gorilla Rock Night Festival Multi Color Poster

This is a music festival/concert poster that will drive ticket sales and inquiries if it’s promoted the right way. It only requires minimal customization before use.

Example #24: Minimalist Interior Decoration Masterclass Poster

Interior designers and architects can use this poster to announce upcoming workshops and live demos. Minimalist in design, the poster offers enough essential details that the audience needs to sign up for a masterclass.

Example #25: Fashion Sale Promotion Yellow And Black Poster

As the name implies, this is a fashion sale promotion poster that will drive inquiries and purchases for your online and physical store.

Example #26: Modern Luxurious Rental Cars Advertising Poster

Use this poster to alert people about car rentals in their locality. The poster design and copy are already well-defined and require little customization before use.

Example #27: Environmental And Water Pollution Awareness Event Poster

This is a minimalist environmental awareness event poster with an important message of the dangers of ocean plastic pollution. Use this poster to drive sign-ups to online webinars and in-person conferences on the importance of water pollution and environmental awareness.

Example #28: Software Professionals Hiring And Interview Job Poster

Use this recruitment poster to get software professionals to apply for vacancies in your organization. The poster makes it clear at first glance that it’s for job vacancies and the positions the job applicants can apply for.

Example #29: Summer Live Entertainment Event Poster 

Promote an upcoming post-summer entertainment event with this poster. Customize the poster copy with your event dates, ticket information, and more before sharing it online to drive inquiries and bookings.

Example #30: Black And Yellow Gym Fitness Enrollment Poster

Here’s another fitness enrollment poster that can be used to promote gym offers and drive new gym memberships. You can use the design layout to include additional information such as gym timings and contact details to make it easier for people to enroll.

Example #31: Couple Valentine’s Day Party Announcement Poster

Use this announcement digital poster to invite people to attend your Valentine’s Day party. The poster copy covers all the essential information that your guests need to know and the design icons and elements set the vibe for the occasion of affection and romance.

Example #32: Hardcore Weightlifting and Gym Enrollment Poster

Drive gym sign-ups and membership enrollment with this poster, which combines the caption “Shape Your Body” with a persuasive call-to-action “Join The Gym Today”. The layout allows for more details such as gym contact information to be added before use.

Example #33: World Wildlife Day Event Elephant Background Poster

Use this event poster to mark the occasion of World Wildlife Day and invite people to a conference or webinar. World Wildlife Day is observed annually on March 3 to celebrate the different forms of wild, fauna, and flora.

Example #34: Save Wildlife Conservation Awareness Event Poster

Here’s another World Wildlife Day-centric event poster emphasizing the importance of conserving wildlife. Use this to invite people to attend events and activities centered around the occasion.

Example #35: International Women’s Day Celebration Poster 

This is an International Women’s Day (IWD) invitation poster that anybody can use to invite people to attend virtual meetings and conferences on IWD. You’d only have to customize the event time and venue details in the poster copy before sharing online to drive sign-ups to the webinar.

Example #36: Pets And Puppy Adoption Event Poster

Use this cute event poster to invite pet lovers and owners to the event designed for the adoption of pets and puppies. The poster layout and copy inform people about the ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘what’ of the event to eliminate ambiguity.

Example #37: Rock Music Festival Poster

Promote an upcoming Rock Music Fest in your city or town with this beautiful concert poster. It requires little customization and should help you drive inquiries and ticket sales for your event.

Example #38: White And Black Motivational Quote Poster

Use this motivational poster to drive high performance in school and college students, working professionals, and others. School and college noticeboards, office corridors, hallways are some of the places where this poster will work best.

Example #39: Minimalist Monday Motivation Poster

Provide your audience with encouragement on Monday morning with this #MondayMotivation digital poster. Share it on your social brand pages and in places where your audience is most likely to come across the poster.

Example #40: Valentine’s Day Restaurant Offer Promotion Poster

Use this promotional poster to get more people to visit your restaurant on Valentine’s Day. You’d only have to customize the offer price and restaurant details to bring maximum guests to your restaurant.

Example #41: Blue And Orange Turkey Thanksgiving Day Poster 

Use this invitation poster to invite guests to your Thanksgiving party. The poster copy is clear and precise, and you only need to customize the venue address details before use.

Example #42: Purple Happy And Safe Diwali Wishes Poster

Share Diwali wishes with your audience and spread cheer on the occasion. The poster is ready-to-use on social media and across all digital platforms.

Example #43: Cloud And Gift Boxes Baby Shower Poster

This is an invitation poster to inform and invite people to the baby shower ceremony at home. Simply customize the name of the mom-to-be and the venue details before sharing it with your guests.

Example #44: Black Background Black Friday Deal Poster

Use this Black Friday poster to attract people to redeem the offers on the busiest shopping day of the year. Simply customize the percentage of offer and the call-to-action to entice your customers to purchase from you.

Example #45: Christmas Eve Party Santa Face Poster

Use this Christmas poster to invite people to your Christmas eve party and join the festive fun. You only need to customize the family name or the name of the party host and share the poster with your guests to welcome them.

Example #46: Halloween Trick Or Treat Party Poster

Use this Halloween poster to invite people for some spooky fun party. Customize the party date and venue details of the poster copy before sharing the invite with your party guests.

Example #47: Happy Hour Club Yellow Poster

Bring more people to your club or bar for the Happy Hour with this informational poster. Customize the poster copy with details on the Happy Hour at your club and share it with guests for maximum reach.

Example #48: Annual Fruit Harvest Promotion Poster

Get people to attend the annual harvest festival in celebration of your farmland with this promotional poster. Simply customize the venue details, festival date, and timings before sharing the poster with event attendees and guests.

Example #49: Sports And Basketball Event Promotion Poster

Invite sportspersons, dignitaries, and other members of your community to your sports event with this promotional poster. Customize the poster image based on the sporting event and share it with the respective guests for maximum attendance.

Example #50: Black And White Dramatic Movie Poster

Give movie enthusiasts and connoisseurs a taste of your movie or short film with this movie poster. Customize the movie name, the name of the production company, and other elements of the poster copy before sharing with your audience to generate buzz and interest.

Example #51: Naughty Panda Wildlife Ecosystem Poster

Use this poster to promote a webinar or virtual conference related to the topic of the wildlife ecosystem. You can also highlight the key role played by pandas in the forest ecosystem - and use that as the core message of your presentation.

Example #52: Motoracing Sports Event Advertising Poster

Use this sports poster to promote an upcoming motoracing event. Simply customize the country where the event is being held and the date before promoting it digitally.

Example #53: Stack of Books And Back To School Announcement Poster

Use this digital poster to alert school children about school reopening after a semester break or annual holidays. As more students take to online classes and spend more time on digital devices, the poster is a great way to directly communicate the reopening date and other key information.

Example #54: Indigo Live Music Fest Promotion Poster

Need to promote an upcoming music festival in town? This poster is just for you to drive maximum ticket sales. Customize the copy with details about your event before you promote it online.

Example #55: Summer Flash Sale Announcement Poster

Alert customers about your retail brand’s summer flash sale with this announcement poster. Customize the copy with the discount being offered and include details about the collections to entice buyers to avail the discounts.

Example #56: World Water Day Conference Poster 

Use this poster to drive registrations for conferences and webinars on World Water Day. You’d only have to customize the speaker’s name and his title before promoting the poster on digital platforms.

Example #57: Yellow Background Diwali Festival Dance Performance Poster

Use this traditional Diwali poster to invite people to parties which include dance performances, karaoke, singing, and more. Only the venue and the organizer’s details on the poster would have to be customized before use.

Example #58: Yellow And Purple The Festival Of Lights Poster

Here’s another traditional Diwali poster that serves as an invitation to join in on Diwali celebrations. It requires very little customization and will help drive maximum attendance at the party.

Example #59: Halloween Tarot Party Poster

Use this digital poster to invite people interested in tarot readings to a tarot party on Halloween. Simply customize the party timings before promoting the poster online to maximize reach.

Example #60: Blue Background Congratulations Poster Template

Use this poster to address and congratulate someone on landing a new position or getting promoted to a higher designation at their workplace. You’d only have to customize the position and the name of the person who’s been promoted before use.

Example #61: Bokeh Background Twenty Years Of Unconditional Love Poster

Want to share your happiness from a long-term relationship or a successful marriage with your loved ones? This digital poster is for you. Use it to invite people to your planned ceremony and have a fun time. Simply customize the couple’s name and the ceremony date before use.

Example #62: Boy Playing Football New Season Tryouts Poster

Use this poster to promote an upcoming football/soccer camp or a trial for different age groups in your city or town. The poster is ready to use with little customization.

Example #63: Blue Background Make Your Vote Count Poster

Use this poster to encourage citizens and those eligible to vote for their chosen candidate. It could also make a good poster option for school and college elections to elect pupil leaders, student department heads, and others. The poster is ready for use as it is.

Example #64: Brown Background Black Night Friday Poster

Use this poster to promote Black Friday deals in your retail store on the busiest shopping day on the calendar. Simply replace the products with those that you want to promote before sharing it online to maximize reach.

Example #65: Blue Veterans Day Poster

Use the Veterans Day poster to invite people to the parade and to honor US veterans and victims who’ve been part of all wars. The poster is ready for use as it is.

Example #66: Red Christmas Quote Poster

Spread Christmas cheer with this quote poster. It has a Christmas tree and the color scheme is congruent for the occasion - which makes it ready for use without any customization.

Example #67: Pink The Spirit Of Hanukkah Quote Poster

Here’s another quote poster that you can share with your followers to spread festive cheer on the occasion of Hanukkah. If ever you need a ready-to-use poster, this is the one for you!

Example #68: Purple Hanukkah Quote Poster

Want to highlight the significance of the Hanukkah festival? This digital poster is for you.

Example #69: Gift Boxes Boxing Day Blowout Sale Poster

Use this poster to promote your retail store’s Boxing Day Blowout Sale. It requires little to no customization before sharing it online to maximize reach and drive sales.

Example #70: Jack O Lantern Halloween Treasure Hunt Poster

Use this Halloween poster to invite teenagers in the age bracket of 13 to 17 to participate in a Treasure Hunt contest. Simply customize the venue and website details before sharing online.

Example #71: Man Wearing Face Mask Covid-19 Poster

Use this poster to remind people to wear a face mask as a Covid-19 protocol before they enter the premises. It’s a ready-to-use poster that requires no customization.

Example #72: Light Bulb Energy Conservation Awareness Poster

Use this poster to raise awareness for electricity and energy conservation, and drive engagement on social media. Alternatively, the poster can also be used to spark a discussion around the topic of energy conservation.

Example #73: Cyclists Explore Life on Pedals Poster

Promote a cycling event in your city with this poster. Update the poster copy with the event route, event date, and event website before sharing it online to drive registrations.

Example #74: White Background New Year Party Poster

Use this poster to invite people to the New Year party. Customize the name of the DJ and party start time before sharing it online.

Example #75: Denim Summer Sale Announcement Poster

Use this announcement poster to promote a summer sale offer on denim collections. Simply replace “Denim Company” with the name of your retail store and share it online to maximize reach and drive sales. 

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Digital posters offer several advantages over traditional print posters, in that brands can use them to reach a more targeted audience, reduce distribution time, and still achieve campaign goals such as driving sales, sign-ups, raising awareness, and more. Much like print posters, brands must avoid including too much content, overselling their product and service offerings, and making poor font choices to increase the effectiveness of their digital posters.

Picmaker’s templates library provides free access to hundreds of high-converting posters that are easy to customize and ready to use. Whatever the use case, it is the go-to resource for all your digital poster design needs.