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13 Graphic design trends in digital marketing you cannot ignore [in 2022]

Georgi Mamajanyan - June 21, 2021 - 1 comment

In 2022, the new graphic design trends will be more focused on brand aesthetics, gaining customer attention, and achieving exponential results. So, prepare to take bold risks this year by putting your creativity and imagination into graphic design. In this blog, we will explore some of the most fashionable graphic design trends in digital marketing in 2022.

  1. Subdued colors
  2. Geometric shapes
  3. Minimalist style
  4. Serif font
  5. Duotone/monochrome
  6. Flat icons/Illustrations
  7. Grain and blur
  8. 3D visuals
  9. Creative symbols
  10. Retrofuturism
  11. Simple infographics
  12. Overlapping designs
  13. Isometric design

But, before we move on to the core topic of this blog, let us understand the importance of graphic design in digital marketing.


The importance of graphic design in digital marketing

Today, graphic design isn't a luxury for businesses, it is a must-have. Designers have a massive role to play in attracting the right audience to an online business and getting them to stay longer on a website, buy products/services etc.

You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrandt… or in front of a piece of graphic design.– Stefan Sagmeister

Besides, the size of the graphic design market isn't shrinking. According to FinancesOnline, the size of the global graphic design market is predicted to reach $45.8 billion.

The global graphic design market size is expected to touch $45.8 billion in 2021
The size of the global graphic design market in 2021. Source: FinancesOnline

Here're 3 reasons why graphic design is important in digital marketing:

1. Builds your brand

Graphic design helps you create a unique voice for yourself. It sets you apart from other businesses. Imagine this - if you have created an awesome logo for your brand, using an online logo maker, then every time somebody sees it, you're creating extra space in their minds. The next time they come across your it, they know that you mean something special.

Or, it could be the dominant colors and fonts on your digital assets - such as website, newsletters, landing pages. Today, companies spend enormous amounts of energy to determine the right color and font for their businesses so that they're unique.

The same goes for your blogs too - if you're creating stunning blog banners for your blog, your readers online will easily identify you from a distance. So, it is about crafting an online presence for yourself through impeccable graphic that can woo audiences.

2. Pictures are worth a thousand words

Everybody likes a beautiful picture when they see one. That's why brands prefer to invest in online graphic design software that gives them access to millions of original pictures by professional photographers. Modern graphic design trends in digital marketing espouse an increased use of bold pictures that convey the message aptly.

Besides, pictures do not just stop wowing an audience on a company's website. Popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo index these images, and serve them up to searchers who're looking for solutions.

Pictures say a thousand words in graphic design
Pictures say a thousand words

3. Breaks down the language barrier

Vocal languages help humans communicate better. But, the written language nudges them to take an action. For example, imagine a Call to Action (CTA) that says:

  1. Click here
  2. Try our product for free now!

As a consumer, you're most likely to click on a button that displays the second CTA because it is explicit and tells you what to do. Research shows that the human brain can comprehend images 60,000 times faster than text. So, when humans see such easily-comprehensible CTAs along with great imagery, and themes, they know what to do. They don't need an a person standing next to them to guide them.

Great graphic design can combine vivid imagery with text to help buyers process options faster. For example, an ad or a social media post that shows bold images, with text, and a self-explaining CTA can drive tons of signups and subscriptions that cannot be done through any other means.

Bold imagery and text nudge people to take an action
Bold imagery and text nudge people to take an action


The latest graphic design trends in digital marketing

Let’s find out the latest graphic design trends in digital marketing.

Subdued colours

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes will be a tremendous source of inspiration in digital marketing
Geometric shapes will be a tremendous source of inspiration in digital marketing

Minimalist style

Serif font

Over the last few years, the traditional serif has made a comeback in digital marketing.
The serif font has made a comeback in recent years


Flat icons and illustrations

Flat icons and illustrations are a popular choice of design elements in digital merketing
Flat icons and illustrations are a popular choice of design elements

Grain and blur

3D visuals

graphic design trends
3D objects give any visual element a sense of realism

Creative symbols


graphic design trends
Retrofuturistic art may not be completely realistic, but it reflects visions of a bygone era.

Simple infographics

Overlapping designs

Isometric design


Graphic Trends in Digital Marketing - Conclusion

Technology is progressing, people are running online businesses with no inventory and companies are becoming more open to experimenting with their brands in order to better match their customers' desires. Therefore, a combination of simple design and the above-mentioned trends will lead the industry and boost customer engagement.

This blog was contributed by Georgi Mamajanyan. Georgi is a result-driven SEO specialist with passion for automation and neuromarketing. With the help of off-site SEO custom scripts, Georgi makes sure to get the best for his company's clients.

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