Logo is the first element that supports your brand identity.

Managing and using multiple versions of logos is a hiccup in graphic design.

In this video, we’ll see how to organize and use your logos on designs effortlessly.

Brand Kit

From the dashboard of Picmaker, click on Brand Kit in the sidebar.

The first segment under the Brand Kit is the Brand Logos.

You may have different versions of your logos. Get started by uploading the first one.

Once you click on “add your logo” the file explorer opens up and allows you to upload your logo.

You can add multiple logos by clicking on “add another logo”.

It’s that easy. Now, let’s see how your brand logo comes in handy while you design.

Use your Brand Logo

I’m choosing a brochure template. As you can see, the template is 100% customizable.

Under the objects section in the sidebar, you’ll notice your logos preloaded to use.

All you need to do is, just click on your logo and it’ll be added to the artboard.

You can scale and position it on the design as per your needs.

Multiple versions of your logo, color palette and fonts in one brand kit

Set up your Brand Kit today

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