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How To Create A Stunning Collage On Instagram Story In 2022 (Using Artificial Intelligence)
How to make Instagram Story Collage - Picmaker

This blog explains how to put multiple pictures in one story on Instagram. Learn how to create a collage on Instagram Story without breaking a sweat using readymade grids and layouts.


Feature Update: Grid Design | Learn How To Make Stunning Grid Designs

- December 2, 2021 - Leave your thoughts.

How to make grids and collages with Picmaker

Grid designs have a long history. Learn how to create awesome collages with our ready-to-use grid design layouts for your artwork.


7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Picmaker Over Canva (Including the World’s First AI-enhanced Design Feature You’ll Go MAD About)
7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Picmaker over Canva

At Picmaker, we’re solving graphic design problems uniquely so that you don’t sweat to create great designs. That’s why we’re different from Canva.


Feature Update: How to Present Your Graphic Design Work to Your Client

- October 21, 2021 - Leave your thoughts.

How to present your designs to your client. Product Feature update by Picmaker.

Learn how to present your graphic design work to your client, with 11 tips to deliver a killer presentation and the best tools to do that!


[Infographic] How to Take Advantage of Video Marketing on Instagram: 4 Easy Steps For Success
Instagram video marketing - 4 easy steps for success

Video marketing on Instagram isn’t easy – you need relevant expertise, content ideas, and time to produce high-quality videos. Here’re 4 simple steps to help you succeed.