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5 Ways how professional bloggers can use Picmaker to design brilliant graphics

Professional bloggers face a unique problem. Not only should their writing be valuable to readers, but it should engage them visually too.

More importantly, their blogs should pay their bills too.

But, the trouble is most pro bloggers are not trained at visual design. And, words like Adobe, Photoshop, etc. are like Greek and Latin to them.

That’s why we wrote this blog - to all you bloggers who’re slugging it out there. We don’t want you to struggle anymore! Please, enough of your struggles already!

Introducing Picmaker (Drumroll!)

Picmaker is an online DIY design platform that enables anybody to create unique designs in minutes. No matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned designer, its simple user interface lets you design stunning graphics.

Picmaker was launched in 2018, and since then users have already created 2 million designs across categories such as:

  • YouTube thumbnail
  • YouTube channel art
  • Instagram posts
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Reels
  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook covers
  • Facebook ads
  • Blog and landing page banners
  • Greeting cards
  • Quality posters
  • Business flyers
  • All sorts of invitations
  • Business card designs
  • Business logos
  • Stickers
  • And a lot more...

With Picmaker, you don't need any other platform for free images to create awe-inspiring designs. It has thousands of readymade design templates to cover all your needs.

Besides, it provides access to more than 100 million images and design objects, which enables its users to create designs with minimal effort!

Let us explore 5 Ways how bloggers can use Picmaker to create stunning graphics


Create a logo for your blogging business

A business needs a brand. A brand needs a logo. And, so does your blogging business.

But, hold on - don’t go searching for your credit card to pay for a logo. With Picmaker you can create logos that suit your business easily.

So, no matter whether you’re a one-man army or a freelancer, hop on to our logo templates, and get a great-looking logo for yourself.

Having said that, Picmaker does not undermine the efforts of logo makers and web designers. We’re enabling businesses to start their exciting journeys with simple logos, graphics, which are inexpensive and within everyone's reach.

Make beautiful logos in minutes!


Use Picmaker-enhanced screenshots to help create fun YouTube videos

Some bloggers have their popular vlogs as well. Using vlogs for tutorials is a great way to teach their audience. With Picmaker, they can take high-quality screenshots out of their blogs and insert those into their vlogs.

Also, every screenshot can be easily edited, resized, and customized to fit the visual context of the vlog. Screenshots were a ‘cold addition’ to high-quality text, but with Picmaker, it is a stylish way to remind your audience about your awesome content.

Edit your photos effortlessly!


Create stylish surveys for their followers

If you’re a blogger, you’d know that your blogs exist for a purpose. Of course, bloggers use keyword research tools to zero in on the topic they’d like to write, which is great.

But, what better way to write blogs that your readers want to read. And, we can hardly stop ourselves from suggesting a quality survey maker to set up colorful and fun surveys that look professional too!

Such surveys are great ways to beat boring one-way questions that respondents hardly enjoy. So, go ahead and give these cool surveys a shot, we assure you it’ll be time well spent.

Use Picmaker’s graphic editor to create surveys that have cool banners and graphics. That way, you are contextual in your approach and you can retain their attention for longer.

Photo: Lead Quizzes

Write an 'About Us' webpage using screenshots

Seeing is believing.

So, instead of writing drab homepages, why not provide screenshots of your achievements? It could be screenshots from Google Analytics, or a Facebook ad account that drove tons of leads and revenues. 

Or, share screenshots of customer testimonials that you’ve received. Seriously, is there a better way to prove yourself to your potential customers? Nah!

Don’t forget to use Picmaker’s advanced photo editing features to enhance the look and feel of your screenshots - it could be highlighting, or small boxes that pop out. Picmaker lets you show off in the right way.

Besides, if you’re using contact forms for leads to get in touch with you, you could use a screenshot to mark the fields they need to fill in. Talk about handholding online. :)

Every screenshot had a plain result of the given word that needed to be "wrapped up" differently, and many, many results each tool gave him. 


Create an infographic for your blog post

In 2018, Picmaker was created by Animaker founders. They were (and still are!) a bunch of enthusiasts who believe that unique design should be available to every person on the planet.

And, that’s why bloggers love them. Because they can create infographics for a blog post with no design skills. Infographics aren't about adding value to the content, but about compressing boring facts and tiring numbers into a fun visual that can tell a compelling story.

Use Picmaker's stunning poster or infographic templates to create visuals that can wow your audience. The best thing about these templates is that they're free and easily editable.

Wrapping it up (like a candy)

Bloggers are constantly searching for tools that can solve more than just one problem. And, bloggers are loyal to tools if they realize the benefits that accrue out of it.

In this blog, we’ve explored different ways you can use Picmaker for your blog. Now, all you have to do now is go to Picmaker app, register, and you’re all set for a fabulous blogging business.

5 Free graphic design ideas to make your blog go pop

Now that we've seen different ways you can use Picmaker to make your blog graphically attractive, let us now explore a few blog graphic design templates that you can readily use.

Blog graphic template #1

This template is ideal for those of you who're food and recipe bloggers, especially if you specialize in making mouth-watering cupcakes :). It has:

  • A rich blue color that can make your graphic design stand out
  • Placeholders to alter the text, and enter new text
  • Vivid imagery all-around that suits ideally for confectionary recipes

Blog graphic template #2

This blog graphic template is for those of you who're fond of writing 'How-To' blogs which are a great way to educate your audience. You can:

  • Insert your custom headers and bullet text inside it
  • Have a call to action at the bottom

Blog graphic template #3

And, if you care about our nature, forests, and oceans, then this blog graphic is for you. Well, technically, you could use it for any topic that you're writing about. You can:

  • Customize it by adding your texts and pictures
  • Add custom hashtags, CTAs, and websites at the bottom to guide your blog readers

Blog graphic template #4

Our fourth blog graphic template is for those of you who're travel freaks and write for other travel freaks. This blog graphic template lets you:

  • Change the pictures and insert pictures of your travels
  • Insert your custom blog/website name and URL and a CTA at the bottom

Blog graphic template #5

This blog template is deal for fitness enthusiasts. It lets you:

  • Add your own pictures of exercise and fitness routines
  • Change the text around the picture to suit your blog

All the above templates are free to use in Picmaker. Feel free to pick one and run with it.

This guest blog was authored by Ines Maras, an SEO and Content Manager. Her latest work is based on creating useful product descriptions and on-page SEO, making her content a part of "Good page experience!"