YouTube thumbnails are an essential component of your video strategy.

Research proves that YouTube videos with customized thumbnails such as human faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments.

In this tutorial, let us quickly learn how to create custom YouTube thumbnails for free.

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Explore the YouTube thumbnail templates by choosing it from the search bar

Choose YouTube thumbnail design category from the search bar

Choose template

Choose a template that fits your need

Choose a YouTube thumbnail template

Customize the text

Double click to customize the text on the template

Customize the text

Add Stock Photos

Click on the photos section and find a photo that interests you. Use the background removal feature.

Use stock photos and background removal feature

Download Button

Click on 'Download' at the top right

Download button

File type

Choose the download file type (PNG, JPEG, or PDF)

Download file types


Click on the 'Download button'

Download button

That's it!

You've created an awesome thumbnail for yourself!

Need a better excuse to create awesome thumbnails for your videos?

Make your YouTube thumbnail now!

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