Do you know what backgrounds can do to your pictures?

They can bring your pictures into focus and enable you to convey what you want through your design.

Professional backgrounds are not 'add-ons' to your design, instead, they could become the most important element in your design.

That's why Picmaker gives you millions of options to choose your background.

In this video, we explain how to edit an existing background in Picmaker.

If you're looking to upload your backgrounds, here's how you do it.

Sign in

Sign in to Picmaker

Sign in to Picmaker


Load your design into the workspace or choose a pre-designed template

Load a template or a design into the workspace


Select the background

Background in the sidebar


Choose the right background

Choose the background

Download button

Click on 'download' button at the top

Download button

File type

Choose the download file type (PNG, JPEG, or PDF)

Download filetype


Click on 'Download button'

Download the design

The best thing about Picmaker backgrounds, is you don't have to worry about placing this right at the back of your design.

It gets placed automatically and adjusts to the dimensions.

Awesome, isn't it?

Tons of backgrounds that fit your needs

Choose a background for your design now

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