In this video, we are sharing an in-depth Picmaker tutorial and you’ll learn everything you need to know to start designing on your own.

Get Started

Head to and click on signup. Use your credentials to create an account. If you already have an account, log in to picmaker.


Once you sign in, you will be landing on the dashboard where you can start your design, browse through our most popular design templates, and more.

Search bar

Search bar is the quickest way to find any templates with different dimensions for specific designs. Once you click on the search bar, it suggests all the design categories that are available in the picmaker with the dimensions.

Create Button

First, you’ve got the create button in the sidebar. When you pick your category, you can start from a blank page or you can pick from pre-designed templates.


Folders help you to stay organized. You can also quickly access your recent projects from here in the dashboard.

Shared Projects

You can share your design with the team by keying in their email id or copying the edit or view link. If your team shared a design with you, it'll show up in the "Shared with me" section of the dashboard

Brand Kit

If you have a brand and you wanna stay consistent in branding, this is the only feature, you want. You can upload your logos, you can add different color palettes, you can pick your brand font for the heading, subheading, and body text. You can also save your design as a brand template.

Shared Workspaces

Under my workspace in the dashboard, you’ll be inviting your team and assign roles. With that, Picmaker allows you to collaborate with your team. You can also have multiple workspaces and switch them.


In the dashboard, we have our most famous design categories like YT thumbnail, logo, and all that. You can explore all the templates in a specific section by clicking on see all. To access our dedicated templates page, click on templates at the top.


At the top right, you’ve got the file menu and in there, you can get back to the dashboard. You can create a new design. Keyboard shortcuts, it is pretty straightforward. If you want to speed up your designing process, you can leverage these shortcuts.

Version history

Version history is an excellent feature and it is a real lifesaver. You can get back to your previous version and restore it.

Resize in one-click

Resize is another excellent feature if you are creating multiple graphics for different purposes. You can instantly transform one design into different resolutions.

Change Templates

The first element in the left panel is templates. If you change your mind and wanna choose something else, you can do it with just one click.

Millions of Stock Photos

There are 100 Million stock photos that you may need for your design and there is a search bar here as well.

Remove Background

You can remove the background of an image in just a couple of clicks. Once you click next, our AI system will analyze the image and remove the background in just a snap of a second.


You can take any figure and convert it into a sticker. The tool adds a stroke around the image. You can change the stroke size and color.

Double exposure

With double exposure, you can take two different images and blend it into a single artistic image.


You can also add different color tones to your image using duotones.

Drop Shadow

You can drop a shadow to your image. Change the angle, distance, and opacity. You can also blur the shadow.

Objects and Illustrations

Objects section comprise brand logo, gradient shapes, shapes with text, and Frames. You have more than 100k icons and illustrations that you can add to your design.


You can either start from the text pre-builts or add your text from the scratch.


Picmaker offers a wide range of backgrounds. Some of our most-used background categories are gradients, patterns, abstracts, and textures.

Upload your own graphics

Picmaker lets you upload your own images.


MAD is the coolest thing in Picmaker. It lets you create unique designs in just a few clicks. Our AI system analyzes the image in a fraction of second and changes the font, color, and image. Along with tons of design possibilities, the MAD button solves the design overload issue. You don't need to worry about your design being used by some else.

Download, Present, Share

Once you’re done with your design, you can either share it to the social platforms or download it in three different file types such as png, jpeg, and, pdf. Use our presentation mode to preview your design on fullscreen.

World’s Shortest Way to Create a Design

Get Started Now

We hope the tutorial helps you to get started with Picmaker effortlessly.

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