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90 Social Media Post Ideas (human-generated) + Trending Content Types for 2023-24

Whenever I sit down to create a content calendar, the blank screen/sheets/scheduler daunt me as I don’t know what I should fill in those square boxes with. However, ever since I started a practice called, “Idea dumping”, I found coming up with a content calendar a little less complex. 

So, I wanted to put together some ideas as a cheat sheet—from one social media manager to another. 

Before we jump in, I want to clarify that these are some social media ideas that can help you to refer to when you are in a creative rut and not the surefire tactics to get “viral” overnight.

Quoting Jon-Stephen Stansel’s one of the LinkedIn posts to back up my above words:

But before we skip into the content ideas, here are the top 3 content formats that you should not miss out on. 


Top 3 Evergreen Social Media Formats

TL;DR for the skimmers:

1. Talking head videos 

2. Screen recording videos 

3. Carousels 

1. Talking Head Videos

People always want to hear from people. So, showing up on camera never goes out of style with such talking head videos.

(Especially with the AI wave, talking head videos will become popular as they can help the audience build trust with the product/service that you’re offering. 


In this case, Let’s take the popular Instructional Designer, Devlin Peck as an example. Although he has a team working for him, he creates his own videos, shows up on camera, and connects with the audience because talking-head videos always build trust.

When we say Talking Head videos, they’re not only the “seminar kind” but are:

  • Q&A interviews
  • Webinars with industry experts
  • Tutorial videos

And there are more to this list.

Refer to our Notion with the 90 social media ideas here (blog banner here)

2. Screen Recording Videos

As a social media marketer, you’ll be in the position to create content for different industries ranging from e-commerce to SaaS. 

The notable point here is not just the industries but also the kind of products you’ll be working on. 

When you don’t have the physical products, showing what a product looks like is the best way to post on social media.

You can use screen recorders like Vmaker to create easy and quick screen recordings. With a cloud-based tool like this, it’s easier to incorporate screen recordings into social media posts.

Look at this video: 

Screen recording videos have been the go-to type for most industries, except E-commerce. The reason doesn’t make us ask why because it’s obvious. 

With screen-recording videos, you can show the product to the users, walk them through the product, and offer them an experience of the product. 

Screen recording videos, undoubtedly, tell the users what they’re signing up for. 

3. Carousels

Although social media is more tilting towards videos, carousels haven’t been wiped off the face of the earth. Many people synthesize their blog content into carousel posts or a listicle to share their expertise with their community online. 

But here’s an important thing about carousels: Carousels are so versatile that both people and brands can use the carousels. 

The format is here to stay, but you can play around with elements, fonts, and images while creating a carousel. 

For instance, you can use the MAD AI feature on Picmaker to help you create endless design variations.

Here’s one of the well-performing carousels for Vmaker on LinkedIn:

This garnered 200+ followers because:

  • The carousel starts with a hook
  • Has a clear colour template
  • It is not cluttered with many fonts
  • Has the value proposition clearly mentioned throughout the slides

Let’s take another example of this brand post:

It has made its rounds on Instagram which, unlike LinkedIn, is a graphic-rich platform.

Before we jump to the ideas you can use for social media, it’s important to look if:

  • The social media strategy is aligned with the brand marketing strategy
  • The ICP for each social media platform should be determined 
  • The content publishing window can be handled by the social media team.

If you have nailed the answers to all these, then click on this banner to get access to the cheat sheet. 


90 Social Media Post Ideas For The Rest of 2023

Even if you have nailed the content strategy or are sure about the formats that you should be using, you might feel stuck at some point in coming up with ideas. 

As a social media manager, having swipe files or scrolling through social media infinitely helps me to get inspiration out of something, but still, I prefer to have such ideas, which also act as prompts for me to create social media content. 

No matter which industry you work in or what your content strategy is, these 90 ideas will come in handy to talk to your audience. 

Psst… you might think that you have AI as your sidekick to “generate” content ideas for you, but do you want yours and your competitor’s handle to look alike? 

Let’s take inspiration from the post ideas that have actually worked for other brands!