So what's next it's time to dive into the action I mean schedule your first post.

There are three ways to do that like we saw before when you're done with your design hit the schedule button at the top and you get the scheduler open for you or visit the timeline view of the scheduler and click on the create post button at the top.

Or navigate to the date you want to schedule in the timeline view and hit the create post button it's your choice we leave it to you because we know that everyone has their own choices.

Alright the next part is where the fun begins select the social media accounts where you want your post to be scheduled yes go ahead you can choose multiple accounts.

So the stage is set now let's get the content ready hit the add media button you've got four options here yeah we know options everywhere after all it's your platform you can upload your own media.

It can be an image GIF or even a video and you can choose one of the uploaded media from your existing files here's where it gets crazy you can add a design from your my design section from PicMaker how about this and finally if you want to create a new design you can do that.

Once you're ready with your media add a caption with your favorite emojis lastly use our hashtag search to find the right hashtag for your post.

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