Struggling to come up with daily social posts? Not Anymore

Introducing Picmaker’s AI Social Media Post Generator to Create Ready-To-Post Social Media Creatives in Seconds!

Generate Social Posts!
ai social media post generator

Introducing Picmaker's AI Social Media Post Generator

One URL. A few questions. And BOOM! Generate your 30-day content calendar in seconds. Generate Social Posts!

How To Use Picmaker’s AI Social Media Post Generator?
Create stunning social media posts in 5 simple steps

Step 1 - Enter Your Website URL

Input your website or product URL to kickstart the AI's content creation process.

Step 2 - Describe in a few words about your campaigns

Add a few words about the campaigns to guide Picmaker’s AI in crafting relevant posts.

Step 3 - Select Your Desired Social Channels

Choose where you want to publish your post- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Etc.

Step 4 - Click Generate

Click Generate to watch magic unfold before your eyes as our powerful AI social media post generator creates your customized social media content copies in seconds.

Step 5 - Schedule your posts on social media on one click

Review and schedule your posts effortlessly with a single click for a seamless social media presence.

What Can You Do With Picmaker’s AI Social Media Post Generator?

Generate Social Posts Instantly

Picmaker’s AI social media content generator helps you create attention grabbing social media graphics that resonates with your brand style guide saving you tons of time and effort.
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Say goodbye to Writer’s Block with “MAD TEXT”

Never struggle with the blank page again create endless contents to level up your social media game in seconds using Picmaker’s AI Social Media Caption Generator, a.k.a (“MAD TEXT”)
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Plan and schedule across multiple channels

Whether you're a small business organizing content for the month or a social media manager aiming to make waves across various social media channels, Picmaker simplifies the process by allowing you to do it all in one convenient location.
P.S: One click is all you need to do
ai social post generator

Track Performance, Create Reports and Game up your Online Presence

Tweak up your social media strategy for maximum impact with the help of advanced analytics from Picmaker. Track post performance, identify trends, monitor your competitors and optimize your content strategy accordingly, all these in a single dashboard.
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Over 1.5 million designs created till date

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our users have to say
generate social media posts ai
I like Picmaker’s ease of use. And the graphics come out so nicely. I get my designs done in 5 minutes.

Shady Shae

Youtube artist
I choose Picmaker because it was easy to use, customise, and adjust, while giving me the results I wanted fairly quickly. I have to compliment you on such a great tool you’ve built

Alex Radcliffe

Youtube artist
I had people asking me how do I create such cool designs. With Picmaker I don’t have to worry about stitching up images or graphics. I can easily choose my templates, colours, and themes.

Prof.Maqsood ALi Mughal

Youtube artist
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Trusted by more than 1 million active users globally

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Picmaker's AI Post Generator Free?

Yes, Picmaker’s AI social post generator is free for all users. Kindly note a free plan comes with certain restrictions. To enjoy the fullest kindly upgrade to one of our premium plans. Check out our pricing plans here

AI Social Media Post Generator is powered by AI. It uses artificial intelligence to generate unique social media posts based on trending topics, injecting your brand's message into ongoing conversations. It also considers your preferred tone of voice.

You own the AI generated posts. Sound cool right!

Picmaker allow you to create posts, captions and contents for all your social needs. All you need is to provide necessary details and prompts to create engaging social posts.

Absolutely, you can edit the contents based on your preference.

Don't sweat it, we've got you covered! You can feed our AI any words, phrases, or even websites you love, and you’ll have one-of-kind social graphics and copies ready for you in seconds!

Are you AI enabled? It’s time to put your social media on auto-pilot with Picmaker AI.

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