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Instagram graphics with the ‘wow’ factor

Effortlessly create Instagram graphics that impress your audience and drive engagement in the form of likes, shares and comments.

  • Design an Instagram Post

    Create an Instagram Post that inspires your audience and stays long in their memory. Choose from hundreds of beautiful templates and customize it to your liking. It only takes minutes!

    How to create Instagram Post

  • Design an Instagram Post
  • Instagram Post templates for every need

    Get free access to a wide range of templates. Whether it’s a “Merry Christmas” design, a “Super Sale” template, an “Announcement” design, or a “Quote” post, you’ll find one on Picmaker.

    View Instagram Post Templates

  • Instagram Post templates for every need

Instagram graphics for any audience

It doesn’t matter whether your target audience is young children, teenagers, fresher professionals, industry veterans, entrepreneurs, or retired people. Our collection of templates enables you to attract, educate, entertain, and inform any audience group.

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  • Design an Instagram Story

    Create an Instagram Story that reflects your style and is inimitable. Choose from hundreds of beautiful templates and adapt it to showcase your uniqueness. It only takes minutes!

    How to create Instagram Story

  • Design an Instagram Story
  • Be expressive

    Use Picmaker’s wide range of tools, graphical elements, and intuitive features to create an Instagram Story that reflects your professionalism, swagger, or any trait of yours. It’s your story, after all!

    View Instagram Story Templates

  • Be expressive

Picmaker is the world’s first AI-powered Instagram design tool.

The MAD Button, powered by artificial intelligence, lets you create a beautiful Instagram design
in a single click. Go on, give it a try.

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  • Design an Instagram Carousel

    Create an Instagram Carousel that adds value to your audience and convinces them to take action. Choose from a beautiful collection of Carousel templates and create value-packed, action-driven content. It only takes minutes!

    How to create Instagram Carousel

  • Design an Instagram Carousel
  • Instagram Carousel templates For every need

    Choose from Picmaker’s library of eye-catching Instagram Carousel templates and weave a visual story in seconds. Use the “Duplicate” feature to design an Instagram Carousel that’s consistent and recognizable.

    View Instagram Carousel Templates

  • Instagram Carousel templates For every need

How to create Instagram designs on Picmaker in 4 easy steps?

Log in to Picmaker

Log in or sign up to Picmaker using your email address or social media account. In a single click!

Pick a template

Choose an Instagram Post, Instagram Story, or an Instagram Carousel from the library. Picmaker’s vast collection of templates gives you a ton of options to fulfill your design need.


Our templates are 100% ready-to-use and require little customization. Use icons, illustrations and intuitive photo effects to make your design unique and engaging. And don’t forget: use the AI-powered MAD Button to add a dash of uniqueness to your Instagram design.

Share, download, store

Use Picmaker’s one-click download option to download your design in PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. Remember: you can return to Picmaker and recreate the current design and download it anytime.

6 reasons why you need Picmaker for Instagram design needs
Brand Kit

Use Picmaker’s Brand Kit to uphold brand identity. Upload custom fonts, colors, logos, and more to create an on-brand Instagram design.

MAD Button

Feel the power of AI with Picmaker’s MAD Button. Get intuitive design suggestions and switch up colors, fonts and background images in a single click, and create a unique Instagram design.

‘Present’ your design

Use Picmaker’s ‘Present’ feature to share your design with colleagues and friends in real-time. Get design suggestions and incorporate them instantly to fast-track your design process.

Social calendar

Stay on top of your Instagram publishing schedule with Picmaker’s personalized social media calendar. Schedule your posts, so you don’t miss any of your pre-defined post slots.

Background Remover

Powered by AI, Picmaker’s Background Remover enables you to drag and drop images onto the artboard and unclutter your image background in a matter of seconds.

One-click social share

Use Picmaker’s one-click Share to share your designs on your favorite social platform right after you’ve created it.

Maintain design freshness today, tomorrow, forever

Yes! Give your audience something new to engage with each day. Picmaker’s library ensures your Instagram designs don’t become stale. Ever.

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Essential Instagram design tips to drive engagement
  • Decide your theme and target audience
    Be conscious of color

    Color is a key design element. Choose a color scheme for your Instagram designs based on the emotions and vibe you want your followers to experience when they see your posts.

  • Explore our templates
    Use white space to draw focus

    Use white space around objects and design elements to draw your audience’s focus to the main part of your Instagram graphic. A complete (or substantial) lack of white space can be distracting and your audience may not know what your design is about.

  • Add your brand colours
    Simplicity is powerful

    Keeping your design simple and focused can be effective in driving audience engagement (or whatever impact you aim to create with your Instagram designs). Identify what piques your audience’s interest and find an optimal balance.

  • Add names and other details
    Suitable imagery

    Include photos that are relevant to the design itself… and to your brand, too. An effective way to achieve this is to brainstorm and list the types of images you can use, and those that are a complete no-no.

  • Add names and other details
    Be bold with fonts

    Yes! Don’t hesitate to experiment with typefaces and, when possible, use bold fonts to make your design eye-catching. The right blend of bold and light fonts helps engage the viewer and drive home the message.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best Instagram Post maker?

Picmaker is the best free online Instagram Post Maker that lets you create unique and engaging visual content to wow your audience. It is user-friendly, free to use, and super-fast.

Creating an Instagram Story is super easy when you use the right tools. Picmaker provides you with free access to hundreds of Instagram Story templates that you can customize in minutes. Choose a template, customize it, use the AI-powered MAD button to make your design unique, and you’re done!

On Picmaker, you can create an Instagram Carousel in four simple steps. Sign up or log in with your online account. Choose an IG Carousel templates from the library based on your need. Customize it by rewriting the copy, adding your brand logo, and even switching up colors. Then, download the design in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format.

Yes, Picmaker provides you with tutorials, FAQs, videos, and email support to help you create the best Instagram designs.

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